Games 2009

Games I've bought in 2009

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  • Bought at Game Crazy during store closing for $2.50

  • I have been swept up in all new Beatlemania! Traded in InFamous, Guitar Hero Metallica and You're in the Movies for a grand trade total of $55.

  • Got it toys r us and received a $30 gift card.....sweet!

  • Birthday gift to self with money I received. Every once and a while I get an urge to buy this series. Erin Andrews being in it is a major plus.

  • Second XBLA purchase of 2009. Spent a good portion of the weekend playing it and already have 9/12 achievements. Also, first $15 arcade game I've ever bought.

  • Traded in Wii Fit with balance board (66.85) and Killzone 2 (34.30) to get this at Gamestop for 89.99. It's the complete band setup with drums, mic, and new guitar.

  • Wii version- I wanted the Wii motion plus and I figured this would be the definitive ediiton of the game. I traded in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, The Orange Box, and Dead Space (all 360) for about $33 trade in.

  • Bought from Best Buy with $55 reward zone certs.Only cost $5!

  • Bought this for $9.99 at Fry's. Two reasons I bought this; it comes with a Xbox Live vision camera, and easy achievement points.

  • Bought it new at Gamestop for $10

  • 2 disc platinum edition. It comes with lots of cool goodies like a Mass Effect Premium theme and the downloadable content "Bring Down the Sky".

    Traded in Call of Duty World at War, King Kong, and Bully. Also got a 1600 point card to buy The Lost and Damned.

  • First XBLA purchase for 2009

  • Got this with a trade in of Rainbox Six 2 (10.40) Gears of War 2 (32.50) The Price is Right (19.50) LoZ:Twilight Princess (22.50)

    Put the rest down plus $18 already on card towards Guitar Hero Metallica.

  • First PC game I've bought since World of Warcraft 3, no lie.

  • also came with Call of Duty Classic on XBLA.

  • Christmas gift 2009. Only game I asked for. This will be only the fourth PS3 game I've had. The others included MGS 4, Killzone 2, and InFamous.