Another entry, for the heck of it.

Since my last entry, I've played Mega Man 9, WipEout HD, Duke3D XBLA, Angel Love Online, and the Little Big Planet beta.

Mega Man 9 is more fun to play than I thought, but not worth the price IMO.  Some of the level design is really good, and others just OK.  I was especially disappointed in the music, there isn't a single song in MM9 that lives up to the better half of MM1, 2, 3, 4, and X's soundtracks, those being the MM games I've played the most of.  Graphics are of course barely above NES level, there are a few effects that probably could not have been done on a NES, but the overall art is pretty bad.  The color choices are kind of ugly most of the time.

Angel Love Online is a pretty bad free 2D MMO available from the Japanese PSN.  It's not a great game in any way, but it's free, unless you want to put your yen towards in-game items, which isn't even possible for Westerners AFAIK.  You need a fair amount of basic Japanese language understanding to even get out of the tutorial area of the game.

Duke3D is a nice port of the PC classic.  The film feature is nice, but I still miss the widescreen support.  I'm resorting to using the 'zoom' function on my HDTV most of the time.  The MP is really laggy half the time however, and the leaderboards didn't report my K:D ratio correctly (just reporting the deaths and not the kills?  That's pretty broken).

WipEout HD is very impressive.  Really nice graphics & sound.  Design is great, control is tight.  Beyond the typical stuff you could hear elsewhere, I was impressed how difficult the game is.  The leaderboards in the game don't seem to be fully working right, but based upon what I have seen, I have the #1 times in a few zone tracks and I'm in the top 10 in a lot of other places, yet I haven't completed a lot of the challenges.  The game is really fast, fun, and great looking.  I would recommend the game very highly, and the game is a steal at $20.  I hope they add DLC tracks in the future.

Finally, by surprise, I was able to get into the LBP beta.  The game is amazing in every capacity and should sweep GOTY awards IMO.  The beta only has 4 full levels, but gives you quite a bit of freedom with the creation tools.  There have been quite a few great levels put up, I put up a pretty good one too, if I do say so myself.  I made a video of my level in action, if you're in the beta now, or the beta levels have been retained and the game is out, you should look up "Jigen's challenge 1".  Anyways, here's the link to the video :


Oooh I've decided to write a 'blog' entry.

Man, I can't wait for WipEout HD on Thursday.  I'm also hoping the Duke3D XBLA port is fun to play, but I don't like that they left out good widescreen support, it should have ended up like the Marathon port, with remade textures & effects and all.  There's another little title that I'm interested to try, Angel Love Online, a free MMO for PS3 (I assume Japan only), it was announced like a year ago and I thought plans for the PS3 version were cancelled.  I guess I shouldn't really be interested, I could play the thing on my PC...  Still it's a change of pace, it's a free MMO on a console!