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Despite Brad claiming that it's a "freebie" these days I found lowering the AA made a significant FPS difference on my machine.

Also make sure to turn off god-rays. It increased my frame rates quite a bit.

What are God Rays exactly, I mean I assume they are beams of light but when do they show up?

God Rays are rays of light like when the sun is shining through clouds on a semi-cloudy day. In Assassin's Creed 4, it when light is shining through the trees especially in the jungle settings.

This game has horrible adaptive vsync. If people with high end rigs are having frame rate issues then it possible that's the reason why. On my 770, I was getting 30 when running through the jungle. I know the card can handle 60 perfectly fine. The results of googling shows that it's because the adaptive vsync was kicking in. To disable the adaptive vsync, I had to download a program called D3DOverride to enable triple buffering, which forced adaptive vsync off.

As for the OP's issue, it could also be thermal throttling. If the CPU is heating up too high, it'll start to downclock itself. It's the same with the video card.

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If you're afraid that your party will kill the Atlas then you'll have to hope that the Atlas spawns with an centurion The centurion will throw a smokebomb which will blind the party then just keep shooting at the glass until the driver is dead.

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@Kevin_Cogneto: It doesn't really matter to me either, since I didn't spend any money on the packs. However, the fact that the amount of time I put into the game amounts to zero, it's pretty fucking disheartening and still the bigger picture is that there is that real money tied to it regardless of whether you would or wouldn't buy the packs. I mean fuck...the Xbox Live gamerscore is on the front page right now. It's a fucking gamerscore that really amounts to nothing, but it gets coverage.

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In multiplayer, you unlock packs with credits you get from playing the game. These in-game credits can also be bought using real money i.e. MS Points, Bioware Points, etc. There's currently a bug that will relock the packs that you've unlocked. Essentially, turning that real money into nothing.

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How many people playing the multi has this happened to? It seems like a big oversight considering they are in part asking for real money. It was apparently in the demo and still made it to the full game, people have been reporting in at the Bioware website for over a week and the generic response essentially tells you to keep playing the game even though the probability of this happening is still pretty high. Hell, they even released a balancing patch today, without at least locking out the issue in the game.


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This has got to be one of the dumbest rumors. The suppose leaked pics and specs are straight up PC. At most, which is super fucking unlikely anyway, is Valve branding a PC. It would still have to run Windows if Valve is going to push Steam since people would not buy a single console just to play Valve games and a fuck ton of games use Windows APIs for game development. Of course, there's pricing. An i7, 8GB, Nvidia COMPUTER isn't going to be running $300 and neither would a Valve console unless they are super willing to take a massive hit to the money machine.

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I went to pick up my preordered Vita today at Target, but they were out of the 4gb cards. They only had 3 3gs and 2 wifis on hand, one of them was my preorder. The guy told me that the 4gb card was sold out at every Target in town, that's 5 of them. I'm going to hold out on picking it up since I have a 7 day guarantee on the item and hopefully they restock on the 4gb cards by Sunday. Debating on using the $20 gift card on the 2 for 1 deal or just wait until they stock the 32 gb card and use it for that.

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Just progress through the story. There's a story mission/level about midway that you'll be seeing a lot of if you grind.

Also, wanted to note that clerics in this game suck big balls of suck. They only get exp from attacks. They fixed this problem in the later games, where you actually get exp for healing.

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A higher number doesn't mean it's better. The card you have is an integrated video card. You need to get a better discrete video card.

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@Dagbiker: It does. I've smithed Dragon Armor then resmithed my weapons with a boosted from +BS gear and potion.