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My Games of the Year 2011

My favorite games of 2011. I wanted this list to be a top 10 but I liked a lot of games this year and I can't help but to mention 2 more candidate.

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  • I play this game on a PS3, and I haven't finished the main quest. Yet I still think it deserves my number one spot on this list.

    Oblivion and Fallout 3 both made me just lose myself in worlds and made me pretend I wasn't just sitting on a couch anymore, which I feel not many games allows me to do that. In my mind, both were the real definition of a sandbox game. Allowing you to do pretty much anything you want at any time. But their infamous engine were really holding those games back. Skyrim is those games, but in a more stable environment. Yes, even with the problems that came with it at launch. I always imagined how games would be like in the future when I was a younger. While I imagine bigger with more freedom, most people seemed to prefer shorter and "more like a movie". Bethesda are the only ones that are making games the direction I dreamed of. And with Skyrim, it has been closer than ever.

    With all the changes made in Skyrim, like better graphics, better interface, and dragons!, I don't think I'll be able to go back to either Oblivion nor Fallout 3.

  • While Skyrim has what I imagined was the future of video games, Saints Row: The Third has what is essential. Namely how anything realistic is thrown off a boat in favor of fun. Nothing wrong about realism, as long as it doesn't detract from the purpose of a video game.

    I really didn't like Saint's Row 2. Nothing about it appealed to me, I didn't care about the characters or anything that was happening, and most of the gameplay didn't really help you enjoy any crazy thing you could do. The only thing I thought was good about it really, was most of the gun fights during cutscenes. I wasn't looking forward to Saints Row 3 because of it and was thinking about skipping it this year. Then I saw a video of the early plane mission. That was the first time I saw that the shooting seemed better than last time, and that the game itself could be enjoyable. Not to mention all the insane shit that was happening during the mission. Then, closer to release, the GB guys started talking about it. They really sold it to me hard. They talked about how crazy the last hours of this game was. I decided to buy it anyway to be able to see what was up with that and, wow. If this game would have came out another year, it would have probably got my number one.

    No forced activities except the introductory ones. The activities are enjoyable anyway, and you don't have to do, what was it, 6 increasingly difficult rounds of those activities that had to be done to unlock anything? All the unlocks are level and money based. The game has plenty of funny moments. There's more, and it also have it's share of faults (like the Saints Book), but I'll move one cause this is getting long for something no one will ever read.

  • While some people disliked this one cause it wasn't as claustrophobic and solitary as the first one, and to some not as scary, I personally thought they improved on anything that could improve upon. Sure the Multiplayer is not that great, but that's not why I'm playing this game.

  • This one would be higher on the list, but it's there cause of the multiplayer. It does happen that I think "I want to play Battlefield 3 but I don't want to play online" and I wasn't just gonna replay the singleplayer. At least not this early. Other than that, it's Battlefield. I still don't know if I'll get tired of it. I just need breaks.

  • Portal 2 is a great game and I disagree with anyone who says the first one was better. Then again I also disagree with people saying that the first one was the best game ever. Also I have never touched the co-op cause I don't want to play it with strangers (duh) and none of my friends has it even after I told them all that they should play it (!).

  • I actually preferred this one, but that's because I prefer sand over snow. Also Charlie Cutter. Too bad my PS3 has no interest in reading that disc! (Got to make it work twice to finish the game)

  • I bought this game because the only games I allow myself to buy are in 2D since I don't think my PC would ever run anything else. I was interested in Minecraft but that's in 3D. So when I heard that Terraria was like Minecraft but in 2D, and after watching the Quick Look, I decided to give it a try. I played a lot of Terraria. And even after finally playing Minecraft (on a Mac that is in this house) I am somewhat puzzled at why anyone would play Minecraft for a long time.

  • I bought this and Super Meat Boy at the same time. Played a lot of both and still playing The Binding of Isaac.

    PS: I stopped playing Super Meat Boy for now cause I'm at the dark Cotton Alley level where there are 3 "hell rocket". Decided that in order to complete that level, I had to be really lucky or Neo.

  • Kinda a mix between Fallout 3 and Borderlands, but with zombies on a tropical island. The Analog combat pretty much saved this game.

  • I really like this game, but there are part that don't sit well with me. For example, I was hoping searching for levels would have been better, but it turned out somewhat overwhelming. And the most fun I can have with it is while creating a level, but I'm pretty lazy.

    Seeing a good level, either by Media Molecule or by a user, is still awesome though.

  • Honorable Mention 1:

    I was a big fan of 3D platformers when they used to exist, so I don't care if this game was considered boring to some people. I liked the style and gameplay.

  • Honorable Mention 2:

    After playing Resident Evil 4, it became my favorite game and I pretty much liked anything that resembled it, including the Dead Space series. There's almost no way I would have disliked Shadows of the Damned. Well ok, that's not true, anything good can be bad if handled by the wrong people. But I think the names behind this game made it pretty safe. Even if barely any one bought this game