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Best of 2010

jillsandwich: Best of 2010

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  • The best game of 2010 by far. I don't need to regale you with a story about how the game flawlessly attached me to it's cast of characters, and made me feel guilt when I made them mad, or made me feel grief when some of them died at the end, or how the Mass Effect universe is deeply fleshed out enough to make a game this size a thousand times over(Though it is all these things and more), you just need to know that you basically play a Captain Kirk(or...Kirkette if you prefer?) with a friggin hand held nuke launcher and an assualt rifle and shit, and you blow everything up, tell your friends to force push the shit out of everything, endorse like 15 different competing stores at once, punch a TON of people in the face in conflicts that could easily be resolved with words, and have sex with whatever color of fine alien space chick you prefer. Yeah, exactly. You know what to do.

  • I could say a lot of things about Red Dead, but what was most poingant about the game to me was that it is literally the only game with a morality system in exsistence that makes me want to be a good character. Maybe it speaks to how difficult Rockstar made it to fit your own personality into the role of John Marston, but the characters family was so likeable, and his troubles garnered so much sympathy that it felt wrong to do bad deeds. If all that touchy feely shit gets annoying, you can always go into multiplayer and troll the hell out of ten year olds trying to get the "Most Wanted" achievement by mannning a cannon and watching the beautiful physics chaos ballet created by shooting a cannonball at a guy on a horse. Seriously, that never gets fucking old.

  • Chuck Greene is by far the coolest new main character of 2010. He's emanantly likeable, his infected daughter is FUCKING ADORABLE(and she plays Megaman), and he can basically turn any two items into hilariously entertaining killing tools, not unlike MacGyver, except MacGyver could just make plastic explosive out of any two things, totally different. Akin to Grand Theft Auto, hours of fun can be had even if you just ignore the main story and just screw around trying out homosexually inclined outfit combinations(strangely addictive), combining everything with that wrech icon attached, and setting everything on fire. Plus, everything I just talked about can be done with a friend in by far the best pure fun co-op game of the year. It's really just trashy, violent fun, and I love it.

  • My favorite shooter, and multiplayer game of 2010. It's also a game that makes me feel really smart when I'm playing cooperatively with a friend in the game's multiplayer mode. Also, the campaign has a huge amount of explosions, and at the end of the game(SPOILER ALERT) You fucking shoot the main bad guy with a pistol while skydiving. Hell yeah. It also subtly calls the characters of Modern Warfare 2 "Special Ops douchebags with pussy-ass heartbeat monitors on their guns". That alone would be merit to make it on this list, but BC2 has a lot more than that anyway.

  • You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream your fucking heart out in anger(mostly the latter), but at the end of the day, you wont find a more challenging and utimately rewarding game of the year, and dare I say, EVER? On top of that, the game is an unbridled celebrtion of indie gaming(think of a succesful independently developed game, and this game most likely has a character from that game), the glory days of masochistically hard games of the 80s, and it has a soundtrack that can beat any Mega Man game of the 80s, and if you have good taste in video game music, you know the gravity of that statement. So come on, support the little big guys of the year by buying this awesome game. Also, it's on Steam as well as XBLA. Now you have no excuse.

  • Years of refinement to the winning Halo formula have created the perfect Halo game. The campaign is the new definition of epic, the Multiplayer is as addictive as ever, and infinitely customizible, and Firefight has become the true test of your Halo meddle. If you have ever enjoyed a Halo game, just buy this game. And if you haven't already, what the hell is wrong with you? Get ready for your DMR headshot sandwich, scrub.

  • If it were not for the awesomeness that is Super Meat Boy, this game would easily take the spot of best downloadable game, but that doesn't mean it's bad, in fact, it's fucking awesome, it's just part of a year full of awesomeness. It's sort of like Team Fortress 2 with the art style, and many of the classes can easily be compared to TF2 characters in art and gameplay functions, but that is really where the comparisons stop(something people in youtube comment sections should REALLY figure out). The purpose of every match is to destroy the enemy teams money ball, the shields of the moneyball can only be taken down by AI controlled bots that follow predetermined paths to the enemy ball. Victory is only had when teammates work together to balance escorting the bots and taking down other players. When the shields are down, the team converges on the exposed moneyball to destroy it. You can do all this, or you can be pro and spend all your money on the Assasin's cloak upgrades first thing in the game and backstab EVERYBODY.

  • Streamlining the tools and mechanics provided to the player was definitely the right thing to do with the new Splinter Cell. It definitely wouldn't be right to just have the same old stealth mechanics as the old Splinter Cell games, the genre has moved on. There is no stealth anymore, there is stealth/action, which is exactly what Conviction has perfected. Much like Batman Arkham Asylum of last year, the games stealth mechanics are greatly revolved around predatorial tactics and striking fear into your enemies. It's seems appropiate that after so many world-saving operations that Fisher has spearheaded over the years that finally people shit themselves when they know that he's coming after them. The single player still has the somewhat hard to follow techno lingo of Tom Clancy propeties, but the fact that Sam doesn't work for Third Echelon any more opens up all sorts of avenues for discovering cliche conspiracy threads and such, which is all sorts of fun. The single player campaign has some riveting moments when the game says "Lets turn on a shit ton of lights, spawn like 80 guards, and put you in a room with about a foot of darkness to stand in" and the moments where the only solution was to pull out the MP5 and just go Gear of War on some soldiers where geinuinely intense. The single player has one moment in particular that sends Sam into a bloodthirsty rage after hearing a montage of conspiracy threads to a DJ Shadow song(which was a pleasant surprise) that is really cool. While the single player is great, the co-op is the real reason you buy this game. The co-op campaign has plenty of "oh shit, we are totally fucked" moments, and you get to put a dudes head into a fridge and fucking slam his head in with a door. And you totally get to shove a dudes face onto a stover burner. That was awesome. The co-op is basically a laundry list of crazy epic and challenging combat encounters that can go from an orchestra of neck-snapping and point blank face-shooting to one guy with 4 clips of lead in his chest and lying on the ground and the other guy in a chokehold 300 feet away from his partner. It's pretty intense if you don't cooperate with your friend. The co-op also has the best twist ending to any game campaign in a really long time, just make sure to always follow your orders, thats all I'll say about it.

  • If you thought Dead Rising 2 was simple and to-the-point about it's relentless violence, you have not seen a FUCKING THING. To put Crackdown 2 in perspective, the least violent thing I saw in the game was a guy getting a harpoon shot into his face, pinning him to a wall. The MOST violent thing I saw was an exploding rubber ducky getting thrown into a pulsating mass of zombie creatures, which resulted in a 360 degree tidal wave of ragdoll bodies. Yeah. If you haven't played the first Crackdown(which you should) basically, you were Robocop mixed with Superman and Master Chief, and you spent the entire game killing criminals, and getting respective experience for how you killed that criminal. By the end of the game you were the physical manifestation of Awesomeness, sent to the earth to cleanse the soil of criminal scum. You also drove essentially the Batmobile. On top of all this, you could play through the whole game in co-op. Crackdown 2 on the other hand, is exactly the same as the first, except it is everything I just described times two(four player co-op= GOOOOOOOOOD TIMES) plus a never ending supply of zombies and a generally more fucked up city. I can say all sorts of stuff about how this game makes you feel like an enourmous badass and all, but it all just comes down to the fact that you can attach a semi truck to a streetlight pole, and drag it around like a tether, smashing hundreds of innocent civilians. Do it.