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@paulmako: Supposedly this will only be the case for 90 (iirc) days. Beyond that remains to be seen.

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@peteycoco: What is the fallout? The people that have already chosen not to like him continue to not like him. His voters are happy that he's doing what he said he'd do.

As I understand it, his executive order has not been 'overturned' as some here are claiming and still remains in effect.

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@bojackhorseman: "After eight years of a democrat, there will be a republican."

Amazing record. Tells you all you need to know about how bad a job the democrats tend to do running the country.

"As for Clinton, as it's said many times, she did appeal to three million more people than Trump. If not for an ancient slave law, she would be Pres."

Suspiscions of large scale voter fraud aside, we can't say that. If the game had completely different rules the players would have played it differently. It's also debatable whether there would even be a United States of America to be President of if they were selected by popular vote.

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@thatpinguino: This is Trump's go-to strategy on everything. His 'walking back' is usually him sacrificing a piece he knew he was likely going to have to sacrifice before he started playing. He overstates his original position so that he can give something away and still end up with what he wanted. Putin uses the same trick.

It's incredible to me that everyone has just watched Trump take up politics as hobby, demolish the establishment on both sides of the aisle and are still happy to fall for the narrative that he's just some bungling idiot.

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@paulmako: The biggest difference of course is Trump is President now and wasn't then.

The British MP may be temporarily restricted from visiting as a tourist, but I strongly suspect he is still able to visit in an official capacity?

I won't even say these are unintended consequences, as the goal seems to be to temporarily reduce the workload for the relevant authorities while they work out what the vetting processes should be going forward. That was what I understood Trump's position to be when he was (successfully) campaigning for President.