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Piracy - Is it time to give up on PC gamers with no internet?

  Piracy on the PC is crippling PC video game development. Most of my favorite game playing experiences were on the PC (fallout 1&2, half-life, baldur's gate series, starcraft, and countless more) and now because there are groups of people who are cracking and sometimes distributing games before they even come out, development on the PC is being hindered. I'm not going to say the PC is dead like many have because we're not at that point yet but it's not even close to what it was in terms of number of quality games. I'm not going to lie I used to pirate when I was younger and didn't have a job but now I realize how much it is hurting the industry and causing invasive methods of DRM to be made. I buy all my PC games on steam now and I think all PC games should have to be registered with a steam like service whether that be created by the developer or by a third party like steam. You can play your steam games offline but a unique game key has to be registered to your account. Steam's method of unlimited downloads, update support, and community support are things all developers could put into place to make their method of anti-piracy seem unobtrusive and even beneficial. Developers need not provide the level of support of support steam does but they should do more then simply force cd-key registration. Those people who do not have internet will be left out but this may be necessary to save the industry as a whole. What do you all think about this? Also if you are an avid game pirate are you one of those people who justify it by saying that you are doing it because of the DRM? With game studios closing left and right what makes you think it is okay to pirate?


No time for WoW but apparently time for a blog post.

Well I got Wrath of the Lich King after months of not playing WoW. I started to get into it a little bit but now I don't play it all really. I work every weekday and got to college every day as well. Now that the semester is wrapping up I hope to get back into it. I'm worried that I'm permanently burnt out on that game. That there's no hope of going back to it. I hope this isn't the case and I wasted $40 of my money. Lately I managed to find enough time to beat Fallout 3. Without spoiling it I have to say I didn't care so much for the ending. I also maxed out at level 20 way before the end so that was sort of a disappointment. The cap just hits way too soon. Especially if you are the kind of person who wants to go and do all the side quests and see all the locations. I missed a lot of stuff because once I hit the cap I just rushed through the story because I didn't feel any urge to explore just for exploration's sake. i really like that game but it definetly could of been better. I didn't mind the combat as much as Jeff said he did in his interview but some of the bugs and just a few other small things annoyed me. Whenever I have free time lately I've been playing Mount & Blade a game which I highly reccomend. I bought it back when it was in beta so I didn't have to pay the full retail price but it is definetly worth it. The combat is a lot of fun. Especially on horseback which the only way to really play it. I haven't figured out just yet what all features they kept from the beta and what they left out. They added a bunch of cool stuff as well. That game went through several iterations of them taking out key features and locations and totally changing everything. It's been in a long development process and is better for it. I'm really happy that they found a publisher to take it retail. Well I've got one final left and then all I have to worry about is work until next semester. Maybe I'll manage to get some WoW time in. Oh yah and I also got The World Ends With You for DS and I have no idea what's going on in that game. It's confusing the hell out of me with it's weird gameplay. All I know is I got an E rank on every battle and then died. If anyone actually reads this blog and has played this game then please give me a couple of tips on how to play this game. Well in the future I hope to have more of a point to my blogs but here is the first installment which I wrote in a computer lab after an early morning final. See yall next time. 

Edit: Sorry I should of put this on like general discussion or a game forum not off-topic.