Game of the year awards 2009: Part 4 - Special awards, part 2

Time to continue on with some special awards.

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Best Comeback

Monkey Island (Lucas Arts / Telltale / Played on: Xbox 360 & PC) 
The news of one of my favorite franshises of all time making a comeback must have been the best news for me in 2009. No gaming related news made me as happy as the rumors of both a remake of the original Monkey Island AND a new series of games. It almost felt too good to be true. The Secret of Monkey Island is easily one of the best games ever made, period. My interest in the new Telltale stuff eventually cooled off but the remake of the original that is now on my 360 harddrive is a near perfect remake !


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Best Downloadable Service Game

Rocket Riot (Codeglue / Played on: XBLA) 
This was a really good year for PSN, WiiWare and XBLA and man this category was kinda hard to come to a conclusion on. But in the end the frantic Rocket Riot drew the longest straw. This game is a fantastic mix of easy to get into/hard to master frantic gameplay and really cool ideas like creating the enviroments and characters to look like HD pixelblocks. The gameplay never stops being fun and I ended up playing through all of the 100 or so levels, something that dosent happen very often with old school arcade games. The music is also superb and reminds you of a modern remix of an old school game song with its modern techno trappings and old bleeps and bloops. Its a sick throwback to gaming of old while still feeling like something totallt unique and fresh and its probably the most fun I had this year with a downloadable title.

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Best Weather Effects

Fuel (Asobo Studio / Played on: Xbox 360) 
Now the game itself had some serious problems. This was not really a racing game to remember but it did one thing right, the weather! The weather looked jawdropping in this game and it affected how you raced in a spectacular fashion. Rain and wind sure but it was the full on tornados that really brought it home. As you were racing, big twisters roamed around both in the horizon and just on the track ahead of you throwing roofs, trees and debris your way. Its was a magnificent display of nature´s powers that I cant really remember seeing in any other game ever.

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Worst Game I Played in 2009

Leisure Suit Larry - Box Office Bust (Team 17 / Played on: Xbox 360) 
Poor Larry, what happened? This series was once respected for its spot on sexual humor. Well not anymore. Tha language here is vulgar to the point that its disgusting to listen to and it dosent even try to be funny. The game itself is a technical trainwreck with all of the technical problems you can imagine and it controls like shit. Add on tacked on game mechanics, scary character designs, a horrible soundtrack and pathetic attempts at being sexy and you have the worst game I played this year by far. The only thing that gets a pass is the voiceacting but what good is that when you are playing something that shouldnt have seen store shelves from the beginning. I actually recommend you to check this out if you can get your hands on it for free somehow just to experience what a pathetic attempt of a game it is.
Coming up. The actual top 10 games of the year, part 1 !