Game Of The Year Stuff 2011 - Various Awards pt.1

Best Original Score

nominees: TES V - Skyrim / Bastion / Shadows of the Damned


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This was a year oozing with great musical scores. To pick out three of these as nominees and then actually choose one might be one of the harder choices to make on this years list. What it all came down to was remembering individual tracks long after the game is turned off. A soundtrack with tunes you want to listen to in other situations of your life and that rises above the more "standard" orchestral scores, beautiful as they may be. Bastion was unique in so many ways this year and that goes for the music aswell. The soundtrack to Bastion triggers an atmosphere that Super Giant Games really could not have pulled off without the music being as good as it is. Its a unique blend of genres and instruments and it is the most memorable soundtrack of the year! LISTEN (Setting Sail, Coming Home) / LISTEN (Terminal March)

Best Female Voiceacting

nominees: Ellen McLain (as GLaDOS) / Emily Rose (as Elena Fisher) / Susie Brann (as Alice Liddell)


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As with the original score this was a huge year for female voiceacting in games. Finding unique standouts here was not the hard thing, it was narrowing it down. And in the end it came down to Ellen McLain and the way she first brought a computer to life with more dark humor, sadism and personality than anyone could have thought possible, and then improved on it in this years sequel Portal 2. Of course it dosent hurt that the lines she was given was extremely well written and that the voice wouldn't be the same without the voicemodulation going on but Ellen has a fantastic voice and delivers every line as this evil supercomputer who might or might not be just looking for love deep inside! LISTEN (Slowclap Processor) / LISTEN (Want You Gone)

Best Male Voiceacting

nominees: Nolan North (as The Penguin) / Stephen Merchant (as Wheatley) / Logan Cunningham (as Rucks)


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So, Portal 2 huh? So well written and so very well acted. At this point I'm actually kind of trying to stop myself from giving Portal 2 even more praise but with people Like Stephen still in the mix it's an impossible task. Portal 2 dropped early this year and because of this man I am still thinking back on it as one of the funniest games ever released. Stephen does the spherical robot Wheatley with such precision it's almost at a level where you want to bring in the big superlatives like "best voiceacting ever". I will not, however, go that far. But when I think back on Portal 2 this little cube for a machine is the first thing I think about. Just like with GLaDOS, Stephens lines were well written but without Mr Merchant bringing an unreasonable amount of personality to this robot, it would all have been for nought! LISTEN (Best of Wheatley)

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