Guitar Hero is back in effect !

Guitar Hero: World Tour
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Just spent my first night with Guitar Hero: World Tour. Played some 2 man band on Rock band 1 instruments. Its a blast. The game actually feels like a huge leap forward from both Rock Band 1, which was the last music game to spin in my 360, and Guitar Hero III. Compared to Rock Band 1 this feels way smoother when it comes to everything. The framerate, the flow of the notecharts and the sensitivity of the instruments. And going back to Guitar Hero I fully realize how much I prefer the GH style round notes over the RB "lines". And lets face it, Guitar Hero was the first experience I had in whats now this huge industry of music games. It just feels right going back to it. It feels very polished overall and it works perfect with the RB1 instruments. And when you thought they couldnt mix up the formula any longer they add "slap"- no hold notes for bass, bending and "hold+hammer on at the same time"-notes for guitars, free play parts and a new way to activate starpower for drums and alot of small little touches that makes you go "oh, cool, never seen that before".
Presentation feels fresh and everything RB1 did seems to be in here and more. Metallicas Death Magnetic album just lies there waiting for me on the store but theres so much stuff on the disc that speaks to my taste that I will have to deal with first.
We tried out a couple of homebew songs made by gamers and to my surprise they were actually playable. The quality of the instrument sounds is waay lower than in the real songs tho so they end up sounding like the soundtrack from an old videogame with half-fake, digitalized instruments. (think Doom 1, E1M1 Hangar, fake shredding style). If you take it for what it is and see the charm of playing these songs like a distraction its kinda neat.
So far the game has blown me away with its feel and polish and if they can support their store with regular content I see no reason to go out and buy the Rock Band 2 disc. The whole Guitar Hero interface just "clicks" better with me and it wasnt until tonight that I realized this.
The problem is tho, they probably WONT update the store nearly as often as Harmonix and not with as many recognizable songs either. But I´ll wait and see..