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Arguably the best games ever.

These games might not be the best ever and depending on when you ask me I might say something completely different but these are the games I might tell you if you jumped at me and forced me to answer the question at the drop of a hat. I might regret it later but if I were forced to say something fast these are games that might come to mind. The numbers on the list might not represent the order of wich these games should be in.
I´m probably closing in on around 2000 games played during my lifetime now not counting small indie games, arcades, web based games and similar stuff like that. The task of picking and choosing only a few of them is really, when it comes down it, impossible for me. But here I am anyway..

List items

  • PC Adventuring in its prime. By Tim Schafer and Lucas Arts. Golden !

  • Arguably the best feeling shooter of all time. With a progaming scene that was my home for years. Will it ever feel old? Probably not.

  • A perfect mix of dark humor, management and strategy that came to reserve a very special place in my heart. It might have alot to do with the timing it had with great stuff in my life but Dungeon Keeper is overlooked way to often.

  • It might not actually be the best mario game anymore but when Mario 3 was released it really hit hard and by now its totally impossible to erase the nostalgia that this game awakens.

  • Started my obsession with both PC Adventures AND Pirates that´s still going strong. Pirates, the carribean, tropical islands, parrots or root beer. Its all stuff that really became a part of my person after spending a great deal of my youth with Guybrush and friends.

  • Man I really hate to chose a favorite Zelda game but when I really think back to the best Zelda memories I have they mostly come from this SNES titan. So much of the Zelda atmosphere was perfected in this particular title. I often want to go back and play this again but I really dont want to break the good memories.

  • Its really 2 things that make Doom special for me. The obvious one is the impact it had on gaming as a whole and the other one is the fantastic story behind it. The story of Romero, Carmack and the early days of ID is one that is very close to my heart.

  • At some point over 4 years you start to think of it as obsession and something more than a hobby and that alone cannot be ignored as something that has to be on the list. But WoW was really an insane game even before all that. The first steps in Azeroth was some of the best first steps in gaming just because of the world itself.

  • Its really the same thing as with WoW. WC3 consumed most of my gaming time for years with its fast paced multiplayer. But man, the story of Warcraft 3 is so much more about memories of the campaign, the lore, the music and the atmosphere. And its all unforgettable.

  • Really opened up a new world for me on my old 386 computer. Days could be gamed away trading spices, building colonies and exploring a brave new world. This is really THE Sid Meier game for me, even in the Civilazation world we´re living in.

  • The Hotset hours spent on this game cannot be counted anymore. Sparked alot of Fantasy interest in general and at its time it was really an insane piece of PC gaming. The sheer gameplay fun of Heroes should not be forgotten.

  • I´ve never really been "into" Teris. But really, its Tetris. The game is unavoidable when talking Videogame history. The story behind it and the overall impact on gaming is mindblowing. Its so very important I´d be alright with someone saying its the best.

  • Racing nirvana. Spent countless hours with my parents playing this as a kid. Sure, its nostalgia talking but thats really how it works when listing old good games you remember.

  • Free roaming RPGing like this was never really known to me before Morrowind. It opened up a world full of life, possibilities, fantastic atmosphere and music to me that sent me into another world like few other games ever will.

  • The old Capcom/Disney collabs are really a fantastic work of its time. These kind of games will never ever be able to see this kind of success again. A fantastic cast of Disney characters combined with the Capcom style of NES action platformer and music.

  • The old Capcom/Disney collabs are really a fantastic work of its time. These kind of games will never ever be able to see this kind of success again. A fantastic cast of Disney characters combined with the Capcom style of NES action platformer and music.

  • Blizzards succeeds once again with their atmosphere, their lore and the sheer gameplay fun. Diablo 2 is a timeless classic and the hype me and my friends felt the summer of its release was something i´ll remember forever.

  • Worms for SNES. That christmas will not be forgotten easily. A game concept that deserves a mention1

  • An often overlooked Action RPG that was really in a class of its own when it came to story and atmosphere.

  • I can still remember the day this arrived in the mail. Wow, where do one begin explaining StarCraft? I dont think I will motivate this one. Its StarCraft...

  • This was setup at a computer at our classroom and tournaments were held on breaks and sometimes after school. The amound of fond memories I have cannot be measured in words. And the scope was madness !

  • Rare in their prime. And really, the SNES in its prime. Platformer with style and gameplay for the ages.

  • A relatively forgotten and small racing game that took me and a friend by the neck and forced us to his computer for a whole summer. Taking short bicycle brakes on the countryside where we lived.

  • I´m a sucker for god games and when it comes down to it there´s really no other game to speak of.

    Peter Molyneux changing gaming forever and creating something unique once again.

  • OK so I cant chose just one Mario game. I have to get World in here aswell. And I think I really like Galaxy better than both SMB3 and this one now but I cant take them off the list.

  • Probably the best Monkey Island game at the end of the day. Secret of Monkey Island is probably closer to my heart becasue its older but I think I can safely say that no other game makes me feel as good inside as COMI

  • The single player campaign of Q2 is my favorite Shooter campaign of all time. The level, monster and weapon designs will never be beaten. Its another ID Software masterpiece.

  • Man, this list is really making me realize what a huge Blizzard fan I really am. The war between Orcs and Humans really started with WC2 for me. I played alot of Warcraft 1 but with the second one I was hooked for life.

  • The concept of building a Theme Park and managing it was completely mindblowing for someone as young as I was when this one hit. Bullfrog was really the shit. I´m glad many of them are still active in Lionhead Studios and Media Molecule.

  • The first game I tried on my moms new computer back in the day. I owned it but couldnt play it on the familys crappy computer before we bought a new one. Man was I hooked when the new PC arrived. I think this was the start of my parents trying to restrict my PC access to a maximum of 2 hours a day.