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People I admire and respect for their work in the industry

The people I praise the most for being complete geniouses at what they do. I think gaming today wouldnt be the same without them for many various reasons. List is in no particular order despite the numbers...

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  • Together with John Carmack the most incredible technical mastermind on the planet. Key person in driving 3D graphics forward since the first 3D cards.

  • A Keyperson in the creation of some of the best franshises ever..

  • The father of Mario.. nuff said? No? well. No Miyamoto no gaming as we know it today.

  • One of the best journalists on earth, one of the funniest people I can think of and surely one of the people that have influenced me the most when it comes to how I play games and look at video game journalism. His will to never be anything less than a hardcore gamer while still being a public figure is totally respectable. His will to share his gaming experiences on a very personal plane in both text and videoform makes him feel like a member of YOUR gaming family. Never falters when it comes to keeping writing about games "real" and would probably never think of doing anything else with his life. Jeff is a gamers dream come true. Love games with all of your heart, write about them and become famous...

  • The guy that knows how to design a Fighting game. I admire him for his work in the Mortal Kombat series as well as his overall importance when it comes to the Arcade culture.

  • Very few can match Cliffy B when it comes to knowing what a gamer wants in a game and how to implement everything while totally avoiding frustration. Cliff has so much feeling when it comes to designing a product it makes other game designers feel clumsy. Its so obvious when it comes to Cliff. He knows so well how to make a game BAD ASS!

  • The greatest technical mastermind in gaming and quite frankly one of the most intelligent persons in any industry. His sense for programming and technology is nothing short of inhuman. Everyone read the book "Masters of Doom" for more on his childhood. This guy was pretty much coding before he could walk. Carmack is responsible for almost everything when it comes to how games look today....

  • Before going on to make games he was the best video game journalist to ever walk the earth. His work at GameSpot will always be in my mind as THE best. has written THE best reviews ever and he is probably the only person you can watch play a game for 8 hours straight without ever losing interest.

  • The creative genious that constantly wants to innovate gaming. So important to the bloodflow of the industry and maybe THE most interesting person to listen to when it comes to game design.

  • The master of Online gameshow hosting. Will probably never be beaten.

  • Keyperson in the success of one of the most important Videogame companies ever.

  • The master of Artdirection. Can create the most beautiful graphics you´ve seen with no technical power behind it at all...

  • The master of Storytelling. Nobody else can twist and turn your mind during a game like this man..