My PIle Of Shame

I present to you, the Giant Bomb Community, my pile of shame.  This is my list of games that I own that I have yet to even start, or have started but never finished.  Most will fall into the latter category, but Steam is making the former much larger than I would like (that year end sale nearly ruined me).  I'm not including the games that I consider myself to be actively playing now.  No, these are the games I've set down for a minute, said "I'll get back to it soon!", and then let a month slip by before I realize I never did get back to it.  Another important note is that these are all games that I want to finish.  If I start a game and decide I have no interest in completing it, then I don't really think it belongs on this list.  This will be a work in progress, so as I have time and remember more games to put on here, this will be updated from time to time.  Also, if I actually finish a game, it will get removed from the list.  Now without further ado:

List items