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Consoles I've owned

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  • I can't say I owned this, it belonged to my older brother. However this was the system that started my infatuation with video games. I still miss those U-Hooks that connected to the UHF and VHF screws on the back of the tv.

  • This was bad ass. We bought a Coleco Adam computer that played the Coleco Vision games on cassette tape. Buck Rogers, Zaxxon, Q-Bert, Smurfs...ah those were the days

  • Got this when I had to get my appendix out. Tetris totally saved me from death by boredom.

  • I begged my folks for a couple Years for this. Finally got one in 87. Awesomeness ensued for years after. This system is a classic.

  • Actraiser and Pilotwings were two of the most amazing games I had ever played at the time I got this. Almost looked like an arcade...almost

  • I got this so late in its life cycle. All I cared about was color

  • Needs no comment

  • The first system I ever bought with my own money. Went on payday and bought this with Resident Evil and Road and Track The Need for Speed

  • I had this in college. GTA 3, SOCOM, and lots of pot...those were the days

  • Back in the day, we used to hook this up to our router. Log onto Gamespy and create a system link 16 player Halo match online. We thought we were the shit.

  • This had a couple sweet games. Rogue Squadron was really all I cared about when I got it.

  • I still use the hell out of this. Homebrew, emulators, and an 8 GB mem stick. This is the system which has turned my son into a mini-me of sorts. He's hooked just like his old man.

  • Who knew? This is a fun maker.