Completely Original Achievement Related Post! 22/01/11 #1

Ok so I decided to start my blog writing on a regular basis. What better (and easier) way to kick things off by writing about the achievements I have earned recently on my now 4 year old Xbox 360. As with most of these kinds of posts I'm going to write as though you actually give a damn and that my audience doesn't just consist of people stumbling onto my profile page because they liked the look of my Banksy icon. So here goes...I can tell your fully pumped for this...whoever you are...hello?....sigh...Here we go then. 


 It seems almost stupid that I continue to play this game. I put it to bed over a year ago now but after browsing my achievements on I realised there where some more points to be had. I started a second play through as a female human rogue. Now I'm not the kind of person who can play through a game more than once without getting bored. With most games I see what I want to see the first time through both from a story and gameplay perspective. With Dragon Age however, being as large as it is and with so much room for experimentation/variation in terms of it's gameplay systems, I can delve right in without feeling as though I'm treading tired ground. My current game status as of writing is having just completed the Dalish Elf vs Werewolf quest line in the Brecilian Forest, I went with the Werewolf's this time and felt pretty good doing it.  


I picked up Mafia 2 for real cheap recently. I had passed on it during 2010 because of the bad rap it seemed to get for being to generic in many people eyes. I went in with low expectations because of this and yeah I pretty much agree with the general consensus.  The game does have it's high points, I loved the driving for instance after setting it to simulation. The feel and tone of the world you inhabit is incredibly authentic, everything from the songs on the radio to the cars you drive simply oozes with an attention to detail that the games creators obviously spent a lot of time getting right. I only wish that these aspects of the game which obviously must have taken so much time to perfect were presented in a steady frame rate. Every cut scene although well animated for the most part gets incredibly bogged down. The story is also disappointing, running the gambit of typical mob story with little personality. Its creators went with every predictable decision from the characters you meet all the way down to the things they say. This point has been driven into the ground by this point but the lack of ambition and originality that obviously went into Mafia 2's story must have been a real blow for those fans eagerly awaiting some kind of GTA equivalent. Lucky for me though I didn't really care about that stuff, because I was in it for the points, because as we all know points make everything better...

I was going to add some images and stuff but this blog tool is not good...