Hey Joe, where you going with that game in your hand?

Right now I'm jumping between MK, Portal 2 (just like everyone else in the free world apparently) and wait for it......God Of War HD.  With the current PSN debacle I can't access Mortal Kombat's online features. Now I'm sure this is frustrating for everyone not just me. I'm concentrating on Sonya right now, having a lot of fun beating the shit out of the AI. It is unfortunate that I can't transfer these burgeoning skills to the online field, especially seeing that MK seems to be an awesome multiplayer experience.  Its also unfortunate that I haven't touched the game in 2 days. I don't like the Story Mode at all, especially the 2v1 fights which are just cheap. The story is definitely well told for a fighting game but the MK story line is slightly to B-movie for my taste. One other minor problem is Shao Khan...you motherfucker. It blows my mind that Netherealm studios put together such a polished and lovingly crafted MK experience but then implemented a final boss in the ladder mode that can only be beaten by spamming projectiles, pattern recognition or just blind luck. That being said I am enjoying MK, I just need to play online soon.

I purchased Portal 2 the same day as MK. I won't go into it too much but the game is Valve 101 which is to say its funny, endearing, intelligent, challenging, interesting, different, atmospheric, brilliantly designed and brilliantly written. GLADOS is the most ingenious character since System Shocks SHODAN. The way she toys with you is something I have rarely experienced in this medium i.e.commenting on how fat you look, the fact that Chell's parents abandoned her at birth before informing her that its in fact her birthday. The bitterness in her voice is almost frightening and its serves to add a bit of tension to the proceeding which the first game lacked. The main reason I love this game is that it does something that the first game also did extremely well. It places you in an environment and its up to you to make sense of it all. There are no paragraphs in the manual that succinctly explain the inner workings of Aperture or the origins of the company as a whole, it is solely up to the player to glean what they can by looking around their environment, listening to what characters say and the way they say it. I haven't finished the game but I hear the ending has lead to a lot of discuassion so I need to get there.

Briefly I have also been playing God Of War HD during the PSN downtime. That game is great obviously. Nothing much more needs to be said.