Hey Joe, where you going with that game in your hand? #2

So since my last post I have finished Portal 2 and God Of War HD. Both fantastic games obviously. Portal's ending was interesting but I actually found the game to be a little easy, there were no chambers where I was tempted to go peek at a FAQ. Also I found the game to be over way much earlier than I thought it was going to. Obviously the game is much greater in scope and variety than the first game and I'm sure designing each of those chambers takes a small amount of genius to concoct but I still felt was still something unexplainable missing at the end. Oh and God Of War is great, nothing more needs to be said. I'm still gonna try and keep my interest in Mortal Kombat but the longer PSN stays down the more distracted I get. I'm now in that period  when I've finished what I want to play and am looking for the next thing to sink my teeth into, I'm sure everyone out there experiences this also. I drift between games like a hobo looking for a doorstep to sleep on. This inevitably means I end up trying to go back to games that I put down a while ago in order to avoid boredom. This would be fine for many people but I find it very difficult to go back to games I have previously played. Only last week whilst picking up Persona 3 Portable I grabbed Just Cause 2 for cheap with the over ambitious idea that I was going to 100% it. Inevitably I haven't, both because I played Just Cause 2 extensively when it came out but also because I seem to loose interest I almost instantaneously. I did this again with Fallout 3 just the other day. I sat down with the intention of blasting through the main story, no side stuff, but as soon as I got to Megaton...nope eject. If I had unlimited funds I would just go out and pick up a new title every week but obviously thats just the ramblings of a financially frustrated nerd.

There is one thing I'm playing, something I mentioned picking up earlier. Thats Persona 3 Portable. Now I'm gonna keep doing impressions, the next one at the 25 hour mark (currently 14 hours in) but I can say that I'm enjoying myself. I do have a few minor gripes. I don't really enjoy the cursor control outside of dungeons. I said a similar thing in my first impressions but it's become more and more of an annoyance as time passes. I feel like it misses a lot of the charm that one might get from seeing 3-D models interact with one another. I remember from parts of the endurance run where a lot of the humor was conveyed through body language i.e. physical reaction to what other characters say and do. You don't get that in P3P, just 2D portraits with small animations. Having not played Persona 3 on PS2 I can't say that this is a big part of the experience but it does detract from the experience somewhat. Although I could just go and pick up Persona 3 if it bugs me that much. Also much like what I've seen of Persona 4 the UI could use a little refining, just shortcuts for things like swapping out Personas before and after battle. 

I feel like I've complained to much in this post, apologies for that. Oh and just to convey to you how desperate I am for something to hold my interest I just picked up Diablo II off the blizzard store, lets see how long that lasts.