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After 10 million years, I finally changed my Twitter picture!

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19 Years Old I Am!

Today is my 19th birthday!  I really don't fell any older.  Today just feels like another summer day to me right now.  For gifts I just got money but, I'm going to use that money and finally get at Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Arcade stick.  I've been wanting one for a very long time now.  I guess another present is the Bombcast.  Best present ever?  One more thing is that today the new dashboard update comes out, which I already have from being in the preview program.  I guess I could go buy some scratch tickets now.  I will laugh if I hit big with my first one.   I guess I will finish this blog and go do something, don't feel like making a long blog.  Anyways, happy birthday to me!

This cake is not a lie.
This cake is not a lie.