Looking Forward To Amped 3

Ok, so I know that Amped 3 is a really old Xbox 360 game.  Just recently I ordered this from Gamestop.com for the Buy 2 Get 1 free deal and I picked this game as my free game.  The last time I really played a snowboarding game was Cool Borders 2 for the PS1.  I never played the SSX games but I've heard great things about them so I thought "Hey, maybe this will be a fun game."  I've heard some good things and bad things about it but hey, you can't beat free so I'm excited about it.  I was thinking of get Shaun White Snowboarding but I heard that wasn't a good game gameplay wise.  Anyways I'm excited and can't wait to play a snowboarding game again.  On the side note here is Ryan's review of it from Gamespot.


P.S.  This is my first blog post.    lol