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Ryan Davis, I will miss you. <>

I thought I would make a blog as well. Not very good at this kind of thing, but I'm going to do it anyways.

Like many of you on the site, I have never met Ryan ever. I've known about Ryan from the GameSpot days. Never really started paying attention to him and the crew till October 08ish when I listened to the Bombcast with Ed Boon on it. Ever since that Bombcast I stared listening to it and started paying more attention to the site. You can tell I've been here often due to my high post count. Ryan was one of the many reasons why I'm still around this awesome site. From him being a funny joker to him being a total dick, he was fun to hear/watch. It was always great to hear his opinions on video games, even if I have no interest in them at all. He was also a great host as well whether it is a podcast or a live show.

It feels strange that I'm feeling sad for someone I have never met before, but for being around this site for so long, it feels like I knew him.

I will miss you Ryan.

A toast to Ryan Davis.
A toast to Ryan Davis.