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Best of 2009

JJOR64: Best of 2009

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  • What can I say? It's Resident Evil. Sure it does share lots a similarities with RE4, but that's why I fucking loved it. When I first got this game in March, I played the crap out of it. I got the full 1000 achievement points in about 5 days. I just couldn't stop playing this game, it was just that much fun. I'm really looking forward to all the new DLC in 2010. Now if only that multiplayer was a little bit better.

  • Holy crap, a DS game is this high on my list? You better bet your ass there is. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is by far the best DS game to come out this year. With it's simple gameplay, colorful worlds, fantastic music, and epic bosses battles, it's hard not to like this game. This game is easily better then Partners in Time, but still not quite as good as the first game in my book, but it was almost there. I easily recommend this game to any DS owner.

  • Gotta catch them all eventually! The Pokemon games have always been near and dear to my heart. Sure people say they are "kiddie" games, but to hell with them. Pokemon Platinum was a blast and is easily one of the deepest RPGs and games on the DS. Sure it's just an enhanced version of Diamond and Pearl, but all the changes to this game easily make this one of the best Pokemon games yet.

  • Are you telling my that Nintendo made a new 2D side scroller for a console in 2009? When I first heard about this game at E3, I pooped myself. As a Mario fan I was super excited. This game was an absolute blast to play through. The only reason why this game isn't higher in my list is because the game was to short and it's not the difficult as people said it was going to be. Besides my grips, I still loved this game.

  • Damn, this game was quite a surprise for me. Take the classic Punchout characters, throw it in 3D, keep the classic gameplay, and you have a winning formula. This is a really kick ass game. Sure the game is short, but making it any longer wouldn't help it. As of this posting I'm still playing through the game and loving it. Easily one of the best Wii games to come out this year.

  • Take what made the first Assassin's Creed awesome, add some more awesome stuff to the mix, and you get yourself one kick ass game. I really enjoyed the first game. Sure, it had it's flaws, but I still had a blast playing through it. Now in Assassin's Creed II you get the same gameplay, but with even more great features to add to the mix, it's even better. I haven't finished this game yet, but I'm loving every moment of it so far.

  • Next on my list is The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I wont lie, Phantom Hourglass is one of the Zelda games at the bottom of my Zelda list, but I still enjoyed it. When I heard about this game I first thought "I hope this game is better then Phantom Hourglass." So far I'm enjoying the new setting for the game and it feels awesome to ride something other then a boat or a horse. If you love Zelda games, this is a must buy.

  • With tons of great fighters coming out this year, this is my 2nd favorite of the year, behind Street Fighter IV. Sure it does have a campaign that no one cares about, but I find it to be mindless fun. Besides that, the fighting is top notch. This is the king of 3D fighters and it's well deserved for it's title. The only reason why this is low on my list is that crappy netcode the game has. Unless you have a 3 bar connection to other players, you are not going to have a good experience with the online. I also wish that most of the achievements weren't for the scenario campaign. I'm one of those guys that actually enjoy some online achievements in his games.

  • And to close out my list is another DS game. There were tons of great DS games this year. I'm going to say this now, I love Kingdom Hearts. I love the gameplay, the music, the world, everything. And one reason why I loved this game is the gameplay feels like the console games, which is awesome. It did have it's flaws though. Since the game is mission based, some of the objectives did get repetitive. I felt that this game was best played in small bursts. I played a couple of missions, the shut the game off and I felt that was how to play the game. If you are looking for a fun action RPG on DS, give this one a shot. If you love the Kingdom Hearts games, then this is a must buy.