1000th post extravaganza! + The World Ends With You

This will be my 1000th post on Giant Bomb and for some reason I find it kind of exciting. It's a milestone in my dedication to the site in a way. But enough about that, just wanted to throw that out there.

Neku, the main character
Neku, the main character
Something actually worthy of a blog is me finally getting around to playing The World Ends With You. I had always heard good things but it seemed like one of those weird Japanese games that I probably couldn't get into. Turns out I was totally wrong, the game is awesome! I'm actually not too far in at all but so far I am liking everything about it. My favorite part of the game so far is its art style and the way the game is presented. The top and bottom screens are put to excellent use in battles and such, but the way that cut scenes and character dialogue work with the screens is better.

The characters seem really interesting too. The two dudes, Beat and Rhyme seem interesting (as if they couldn't be with names like that). I like the whole concept of the game too. Basically you and your partner have to team up to defeat "noise" which are the games monsters because you have been chosen to play the reapers game. Honestly I'm not quite sure of exactly what's going on yet but that makes me wanna keep playing and see exactly where this game goes.
Some crazyness
Some crazyness

The only thing that bothers me so far is the combat system. It seems like something you get used to, but it's really pretty complicated when you start controlling both characters plus remembering how to control each pin and dodging the enemies. It can get pretty tough.

Anyways, I want to keep this short so I'll just say I was very pleasantly surprised by this game and am now wondering what other great DS games I may have missed out on.

WTF... The Cleveland Show? + Tales of Monkey Island goodness

Apparently I have been living under a rock for a year or so because I was lookin around on Hulu and found some trailers for "The Cleveland Show" which is a spin off of Family Guy. I have one question to ask Seth McFarlane: "WHY?!". Honestly, why does a show even need to exist that involves Cleveland, his new "Family Guy turned black" family, and two bears as neighbors. Yeah, two freakin bears. Ohhh, I can't believe how stupid this looks. At least if they are going to do a show like this it could be original. Seriously, they are giving Cleveland a wife, a daughter, a baby (that of course talks), and a fat son. I mean come on! The characters are basically carbon copies of Peter and his family. I found a thread about this here on GB that is 11 months old and I noticed some minor differences between the more current art and the old pics. But even 11 months ago you can see the two bears living next door. How on earth does the idea to have two bears as neighbors last an entire year of planning for a show, if not more. I just don't know what else to say about this... Oh yeah I watched the extended trailer and I slightly chuckled maybe once, that was that.

Old picture:

No Caption Provided

Newer picture:

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In other news, I just bought and finished the first episode of "Tales of Monkey Island" and it was awesome. Maybe not quite as funny as I had hoped throughout, but it  definitely had it's moments. The humor really picks up in the second half and towards the end in my opinion. I had such fond memories of the first couple Monkey Island games that I couldn't resist playing the new series. I thought the game had great pacing. I can sometimes get a little frustrated with games like this that involve such open ended puzzles, but I never felt that way with this first episode. I actually played it all the way through only taking one short break. It's really rare for me to just sit down and put that many consecutive hours into a game, so I guess that really says something about the games quality. I am really looking forward to the remake of the classic Monkey Island game coming out a little later. From what I have seen, it is an exact remake of the old game to the point that it lets the player switch back to the old graphic style on the fly. That just plain sounds awesome to me.

Screenshot I took as I was playing.   : P
Screenshot I took as I was playing. : P

I will probably end up writing a review for "Tales of Monkey Island" just because I hardly ever get to write a review for a very recently released game. It kinda seems to lose the whole purpose of writing a review in the first place if the game is too old. The main reason people read reviews is to get buying advice anyways so I feel like writing late reviews takes a significant chunk out of a reviews relevance. Anyways, maybe I will play through Monkey Island again sometime soon. It really is an excellent game and if anyone is on the fence about whether or not to buy it, think about 5 months of content for a mere $35.00.

Until next time, go Guybrush!              : )


Condemned 2 + Michael Vick = This...

I was playing Condemned 2 again last night to finally try and finish it, I have put it off for so long. But then I ran into this level that was just too good to pass up. Basically it involves torture and there are dogs involved. I'm sorry world, I couldn't resist making this video:



Burnout Time!

Alright, I am gonna have to buy me some Burnout, now. I rented Burnout Paradise back in the day and liked it a whole lot but figured I was done with it after nearly a week. Well clearly with all this DLC that has come out since launch that I have missed out on, I should have bought it in the first place. Looking back on all the videos here on the site about burnout DLC is kinda incredible, there has been so much. Anyways I'm going to buy it sometime tomorrow since it's a lousy $20. I can't believe it's one of about 3 Xbox 360 Platinum Hits that is $20 as opposed to $30. But I think I will end up also buying the Big Surf Island and Legendary Cars pack or whatever its called as well. So total cost will be around $40. The way I see it, $40 for all that content is still a steal that I can't believe I have been missing out on until now. Wow, I'm pretty tired. It's almost seven am now and I have yet to sleep. So yeah, I will probably sleep until like 2 or 3 pm and then go pick up some Burnout Paradise. Damn I really have to get back on a normal schedule. I have been taking a few night classes and such during spring term, so I really have had an F'd up schedule for a few months now. Anyways, enough digression.     :P

Was anyone else drawn into the Burnout Paradise DLC web recently like me?

Oh and I wanted to point out to any potential mods reading this that I attached this to the Burnout Paradise forum as opposed to general or off topic. I think it's funny how many people don't do this and then how the mods get pissed off. I gotcha back mods!   ; )


Longest blog ever... (riveting sequel to "Shortest blog ever...")

Wall of text powers, activate!

          Alright this is a follow up to the blog I wrote yesterday entitled “Shortest blog ever…”. Well It’s sort of a follow up, I just didn’t have time to write yesterday so I am going to do it now. YAAAY!

          The topic I will try and focus on is E3. I know, I know, everyone is talking about E3 this time of year. Well I want to document what I’m thinking pre-E3 for a fun comparison come post-E3. I am going to lay out what I want to see from each of the three big press conferences, as well as what I actually think will happen in some cases if what I really want seems a bit far-fetched.  Alright, no better way to kick this off than with a random ass picture…

Internets is serious!
Internets is serious!

Now that that’s out of the way, on to real business...

real business


          I’m going to start with Microsoft because the system I primarily play is my 360, so naturally I am most hyped about the things that could potentially go down with Bill Gates and crew.

OK, what I want from Microsoft this year is:

          First and foremost, one or two amazing surprise announcements. As long as I am surprised, I will walk away happy. I honestly don’t know if this is possible due to the slew of craaaazy rumors that have been flying around lately. If Microsoft can really pull something out of their bag of tricks that nobody has even reported as a rumor, that would be pretty cool. This can be anything really, I’m not going to try and guess at what this may be. I just want something crazy to go down.

          Besides that, maybe the biggest thing that I think I can expect to see from Microsoft is details on the Zune HD. One can only hope for a J Allard appearance to go with it. As many people know already, a few specs were recently released and the devices existence was officially confirmed as well. But details were not released on what the plan is for integrating the Zune Marketplace into the Xbox 360. The Zune team has had a theme for a few years now that is yet to really emerge from current Zune hardware, 360 integration, etc. Their basic idea is to have the ultimate link between your “three screens”. By three screens, they mean your T.V., your computer, and your portable device (Zune). The potential with the new Zune HD features seems almost limitless. A good example of where the Zune HD is headed is the ability to stream literally millions of songs directly to your Zune anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. This will rely on a Zune Marketplace subscription in order to run this kind of setup, but the thought of having literally millions of songs at your fingertips without the need of some fifty terabyte hard drive or anything like that is awesome. Anyways, I’m seriously starting to digress here so let’s reel it back in shall we?  :P

          Another thing I hope to see that may seem fat-fetched is some kind of Xbox portable device. This is a post I made in a forum topic a little while back on the subject:

“True but I think I would be very interested in a potential Xbox handheld, and I don't think I am the only one. What needs to happen if there is an Xbox handheld is serious gamertag integration, achievements, etc. Basically everything between the console and the handheld need to be constantly linked. As well as some really cool "killer app" style feature. And a traditional killer app wouldn't hurt either. But please nothing Halo related.”

          Those are basically my thought on this. I really don’t think it’s probable for Microsoft to be making a handheld system right now. I mean they have their hands full with their current hardware issues as it is. But everyone keeps saying, “Microsoft is a software company, not a Hardware company”. I totally get that and why someone would make that point. But I think the time is quickly approaching where Microsoft will be considered as much of a hardware company as it is a software company. Having released two consoles, one fairly successful and one being the current generation leader, I think they are on the right track. Not to mention their development of “Microsoft Surface” which looks amazing by the way, is just another example of their hardware. In my opinion, it eventually will be common sense for Microsoft to go ahead and launch a portable game platform. Is this the year? Probably not. Could it hurt to hope that it is? Absolutely not!    :P

I feel like I have gone on enough about Microsoft. As MC Hammer might say:  STOP, Sony time!


          Oh Sony, what can I say about you? I’m actually not entirely sure considering I don’t own a PS3. You know what?  That actually works out because now I can list things that I believe would convince me to go out and blow $500. OK, let’s see here:

          First off, more exclusives. I know everyone complains about the PS3 game selection, but for good reason in my eyes. And it’s not like I want a ton of exclusives, it’s just something the system seems to be lacking that I think would force more people to buy a PS3. Anyways, I look up and down at all the “higher end” PS3 games and there are only a handful that appeal to me. Sure there is Metal Gear,  Little Big Planet (maybe?), and Infamous looks great too. There are a couple more, but as far as PS3 exclusives that I couldn’t play anywhere else and had to have a PS3 to play, there aren’t many. That’s my main reason for holding off so far so if Sony wants me to fork over $400-$500, they better be inventing new Sony published IPs that are amazing, and they had better do it quick.

          Now that I’m thinking about this, I think the PS3 is pretty awesome. It can play Blu-rays, which I assume will be around for the next 10 years at least. They have trophies now to match achievements which is cool. Some of the PSN games are really wacky (and good) looking. I mean the system has a lot going for it. If it wasn’t for the lack of interesting first party titles and the fact that the system is a small fortune, I would most definitely own one by now. So I think that’s all I can say about this one. Cut the price and announce an awesome game or two please!

OK, now it’s time to move onto Nintendo.


          The first thing I hope to see a lot of on Nintendo’s part is Motion Plus support. I want them to come out and announce that they have partnered with some awesome company and are now planning to make a motion plus specific game for each major sport by the end of the year or SOMETHING like that. Not necessarily sports games but I just want to see long term plans for the Motion Plus that look promising at the least.

          Another thing I pretty much have come to expect from Nintendo the past couple years is a first party game that will appear to revolutionize the way the Wii’s controls are used in games. Of course the games (Wii Fit, Wii Music) haven’t been the masterpieces initially promised, I’m guessing Nintendo has yet another crazy first party title up their sleeve. Hopefully it actually turns out as advertised this time. Wii Fit turned out more or less as advertised but just didn’t connect well with an American audience in my opinion. While Wii Music was a game I believed to be a bit misleading. They made it seem like you had more custom control over the music than what it turned out to be.

          Lastly, and I REALLY hope this one happens, is Nintendo will reveal the first and probably last Zelda game actually developed for the Wii (as opposed to Twilight Princess which was a Gamecube game ported to Wii). How awesome would that be? The Zelda series is my favorite series of all time and if a new Zelda trailer was announced like the Twilight Princess trailer was a few years ago, I might join in on the screaming this time.


  Wrap Up

          As I wrote this I noticed a trend in game companies that needs to be broken. The thing is, The PS3 is a Japanese made system. So naturally it appeals more to Japan and sells a crap load there too, yet struggles in America. The 360 is American, and it obviously sells more here in America then across the Pacific. The Wii sells more in Japan but also sells pretty well anywhere, so I think they have figured it out. To sell the most consoles, you can’t just appeal to you own country. Both Microsoft and Sony need to step out of their comfort zones and pursue the other audiences. In my opinion both companies have bad foreign appeal and should work hard on appealing to all customers. Maybe this E3 these companies will realize this. One could only hope.

Well this is the end of the LONGEST BLOG EVER! I am really excited for this years E3 and I hope to see some Rich Gallup and/or Alex Navarro action on the special E3 Bombcasts all next week. (Please?  :P)

Peace everyone, and enjoy E3!

The Laws of Jeff

 I will leave you with a quote to live by:

"You can’t beat 100%, The only real power is power, and double decker tacos are pretty awesome."

--Jeff Gerstmann


Shortest blog ever...

I had to write a new blog because I couldn't stand having to look at my Blazers blog anymore since they have been out of the playoffs for a while now. Anyways I actually did plan on writing a real blog but I have things to do today. I hope I get to it soon though.

OK maybe a little about what I have been doing... pretty much playing this: (I loved it, see my review)

No Caption Provided


Blazers Win!

Thank god. The Blazers came out and put up a great fight tonight against the Rockets and came away with their first playoff win in 6 years. The Blazers have far exceeded my expectations this year and even if they go on to lose 3 strait to lose the series, it wont matter. They have already achieved an amazing season with the youngest playing rotation in the entire league. How amazing is that?! Just winning one game against the playoff hardened Rockets is great. So go Blazers, and I hope we can move on to round two this year. That would bump this season up from amazing to unbelievable!




The Blazers are making me cry

OK I'm not literally crying but I want to, lol. The first game of the Playoffs was complete misery for the Blazers and I was just sitting in front of my t.v. thinking, "Are you serious?". Ugg. From the first five seemingly instant points by Yao, I knew this game wasn't going to be pretty. Sure enough it turned out downright awful. We ended up down by about 25 points for the entire 2nd half. Even got to 31 points at one point. Good god, in the Rose Garden? The same Rose Garden Arena where we went 34-7 to have the 4th best home record in the NBA? We were there? Because it didn't seem like it. It seemed like we were in some alternate dimention that only exists so that when the Blazers play there, they get blown out. Brandon Roy was the only Blazer to display a hint of life during the game, finishing with like 21 points I believe. Actually Greg Oden showed a spark too late in the game. But it made no difference due to the already insurmountable score. PLEASE come out with some intensity for game 2. I know that all expectations for this season were exceeded. But you can't end the post season playing that type of basketball. If the Blazers can at least go out and win 1-2 games in the series and put up a fight in the others I will be satisfied. But holy hell, I don't know if I can take another blowout like that.

GO BLAZERS! (please?)

Come on guys. Play like a team.
Come on guys. Play like a team.


Ode to Funky Student

Ode to Funky Student:

Oh, Funky Student how you puzzle me,
you stand here waiting for someone to say, "hey",
I'll accept your challenge, quest 23,
You start it with a shout that goes, "Yayay!",
Deductive reasoning like whoa, son!
Lets see if your mind can vibe to this,
He feeds me a question in exchange for some keys,
I just hope he doesn't pull a gun,
I answer... "correct!" we bump fists,
"You wanna go again?" I said, nigga please.

There you have it. My ode to the Funky Student.