Any sports game fans in the house?

I was just watching the new MLB 2K9 video put up by vinny and it looks (and sounds) great! Anyways I was just thinking that even though I'm not a baseball fan, I love to play baseball video games. And it's not just baseball, if I go through all the sports I don't like in real life, for some reason I love to play them in video games. For example, baseball, hockey, and soccer are three huge sports that I can't get into for real but for some reason playing them in a video game tickles my fancy. Thats right, tickles. I love making the bone crunching hits and scoring an ever so elusive goal in hocky games. I don't even really know what it is about baseball games, i guess I just like the slower overall pace. Maybe it's how the anticipation builds as you are heading into the final innings and its all tied up. 

I don't know maybe I just have sports games in my blood. Can't get enough of them. But you ask me if I have ever watched a world series, and the answer would simply be, "heck no homeslice!" or something just as delightfully random.

Anyways I was juuuuust bored enough to come on and share my completely irrelevent thoughts with everyone. You're welcome!