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Animals That Would Scare The Shit Out Of Me If They Were Angry

---Top of the list: LESS scary
---Bottom of the list: MORE scary
Special Thanks to Metal Gear Sunny for insisting I create a list. I then went on to create this incredibly classy list.   :P

Also... bananas. That is all.

List items

  • Apparently there isn't an ant page but yeah, ants. Imagine a thousand of those crawling everywhere inside your clothes and into your ears, biting you all the while. Angry ants = scary shit.

  • Hippos are responsible for more deaths each year than any other mammal in Africa. They can also run nearly 20 mph... holy shit.

  • Giraffes have long ass legs, you know how fast they would catch you?! I don't either but I don't plan on finding out. Oh and giraffes are bomb.

  • Older male elephants go through what's called "musth", which basically means they are especially sexually active. Raped by an elephant? No thanks.