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Best of 2010

JJWeatherman: Best of 2010

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  • My personal top honers go to the one and only BioWare for this game. This is a great game on so many levels. Depending on when you read this, I may be done writing my entirely-too-long ME2 blog.

  • One of my favorite franchises to come out of this console generation. It's provided me so many hours of entertainment, I can't even add it up. 90% of the changes that RB3 made were huge improvements, and it turned out so awesome.

  • Story and atmosphere were the big winners here. Red Dead nailed those two things and it made this a game that I won't soon forget. Though, I still haven't played the Undead Nightmare pack!

  • I love you NBA 2K. I've been playing you for 11 years now, and you just keep getting better. I've easily put the most hours of any game into this series, and 2K11 will definitely not be bucking that trend.

  • God dammit Mario. You're so old. Your concept never really even made sense when you were invented. Why is it then that you're STILL so compelling? It's because Mario games are pure fun, and they always will be. Nintendo has mastered the craft of video game creation with the Mario series, and Mario Galaxy 2 is the latest and greatest.

  • I was pulled into this series by the P4 ER, but man did I get deep into it. I played this game all of the way through in a fairly short amount of time. I couldn't be pulled away. Such a great game, even if it's missing some of the cinematic magic of the PS2 version.

  • I didn't expect much from Bayonetta initially, but what I found was a surprisingly deep combat system that I somehow actually learned to use fairly well. The animations, the enemies, the weapons, almost everything about Bayonetta is just freakin' awesome. It's a crazy, crazy game, but I just love the style.

  • That's right! Having played through DP two and a half times so far, I can say with no reserve that this game is really good. Are the controls clunky? Sure. Does the audio mixing sound like it was done over the course of a couple days? Yeah, kinda. Any of these short-comings can (and should) be overlooked when considering the game as a whole, though. The characters are all full of personality and the story is a great one.

  • Cute! Really solid controls and mechanics make this a great game, but what makes it stand out is... you guessed it, it's CUTENESS! Seriously, there's a sense of joy you get at times playing this, that is unmatched. I want to own a fluffy yarn Kirby as a pet. That needs to happen.

  • The game that I played most on my DS this year. It's just puzzles, yo. But somehow, it's more. It's a tough game to describe and actually make it sound as compelling as it is. I'd recommend just playing it.