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Games that make me question the society we live in

"Twilight Scene it?" was the game that made me start this list. I will continue it from now on whenever I come across a game that is just too pointless and unbelievable. It's gonna be hard to compete with the worthlessness of this first Twilight game though.   :P

List items

  • Really "Scene it" people? Really? A Twilight version of Scene it? REALLY? That is all.

  • Really? REALLY?! Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game?! Why don't they just start making a series of stupid Barbie games to appeal to the dumb little girl audience even more? Oh wait...

  • ...Yep. Here lies every Barbie game ever made. God help us. :P

  • I'd rather take a crap, wrap it in tin-foil, put a couple of fish hooks on it, and go door to door trying to sell it to someone as earrings than play this game. Props to "RedEyesBlueBunny" for finding this gem.

  • Blah. Look up "cash-in" in the dictionary and you'd see the cover of this game. You see those little white letters down there at the bottom of the game? Yeah? ACTIVISION! Thats's right another Activision cash-in! FUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  • You're makin' this too easy Warner Bros.