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Old games I still want to play

Games that are from the last console generation and back that I never played, and still kinda want to.
I expect a lot of these wont retain the same magic that made them great originally. I can always hope for the best though.

List items

  • ***I played and beat this game. It was awesome.*** Of course the Endurance Run is what sparked my interest in this game. Vinny seems to like it, so I want to try it. This is the PSP version, I realize that. It's just that I would rather play this updated version than have to track down an older PS2 version. Should be essentially the same game.

  • This looks interesting. Thanks to Jeff for linking to it in his Platinum Games article.

  • I am deeply saddened at my lack of... well, PLAYING this game. I love the Zelda series, what is wrong with me?

  • I actually own this game and am yet to play it. I hear it's pretty good, yo.

  • I have played about... 5 minutes of this game. It was good so far. A lot like Oblivion which is a definite plus. Need to get on this one quick as it seemed a bit aged even in only 5 minutes time when I played it last.

  • I hear good things. Very good things. :P

  • I, for some reason, have a thing for arty games. This looks right up my ally.

  • I think I heard Ryan talk about this at one point. It sounded really cool. I hope I can still find this somewhere.

  • The quick look of this had me really interested. I like ambitious games, even if they don't quite live up to their potential.

  • I definitely want to go back and check these first Fallout games out. Both 1 and 2 seem to be universally loved so I thought I should probably start with the original.

  • Ever since I heard Brad rave about this on the GOTY 2008 podcast, I have been very interested. I want to see what all the fuss was about.

  • Some people say this is their favorite game of all time. They're probably a little crazy, but I still really want to check it out.

  • That's right, I never played Viewtiful Joe. I'm not entirely sure that it's my cup of tea, but I've always felt the need to at least try it. Hopefully I can sometime soon.

  • I already have Shadow of the Colossus on this list, but I want to play this as well. From what I hear it's a little less action-oriented, but that's no big deal. I really want to see for myself why these games are so loved.

  • Scary games can be fun. A GB user recommended this, but sadly I don't remember who it was. Thanks though, mystery user!

  • Thanks to RVonE for recommending this! Must play it! Exclamation points!(!)