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Start A Band; Rock The World 7

Music video games, for me, have always been about experiencing music in new and interesting ways. The Rock Band franchise has allowed that possibility over the past several years. I can honestly attribute most of my more recent musical obsessions to the fine folks at Harmonix and the delightfully eclectic setlists that they’ve pieced together in their time. Rock Band 3 has again taken music gaming to a whole new level. They’ve crafted what is not just a music video game, but a marvelous musical ...

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Simulator of the century 10

**Note: Please keep the following song on a loop through the duration of your reading. Thank you, and enjoy the review.   Have you ever wondered about the specifics of the miracle called child birth? Have your school's health classes, or your very own--formerly trusted--parents been too embarrassed to properly educate you on this matter? You don't have to live in ignorance any longer! From Stegersaurus Games comes the most realistic simulation of Baby Making ever to be coded and published.  ...

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Set the nets ablaze! 2

It’s no secret that classic video game franchises have been riding a wave of rejuvenation recently. NBA Jam is the latest classic to be revitalized with the jump to current generation consoles. EA has taken over the NBA Jam name at this point, but you probably wouldn’t be able to notice a change just by playing the game. NBA Jam achieves the same spirit and unrelenting excitement of the original games, but not without a few hiccups along the way.  I dig the game's style!  There’s no getting ...

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Yo, I hear Mario Galaxy 2 is an alright game... 4

Nintendo’s darling franchise is back, and this time in intergalactic fashion—again. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is essentially a leaner and meaner iteration of its predecessor. Nintendo took every part of the original Mario Galaxy that may have felt like it was slowing the player down, and streamlined it. On top of that, all new gameplay mechanics are thrown into a scary number of ambitiously designed “galaxies”. Collecting power stars has never been this much fun.   Mario and Yoshi are blasting off A...

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Clever titles--like anime--are for jerks! 3

 I just found this old CoD 4 review I wrote hangin' around on Gamespot, so enjoy it (or not)!  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.This game contains awesomeness. Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare is a game people will be talking about for a long time. It is an amazing game that is also a breath of fresh air from the recent "halo style" shooters that have become so popular. Not to say that there haven't been realistic shooters recently, its just that none of them have come close to...

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A Masterpiece Album That Translates Fairly Well 4

Anyone who knows what Rush is about, knows that Neil Peart is without a doubt one of the greatest drummers alive today, Alex Lifeson can play the absolute hell out of a guitar, and Geddy Lee has a truly unique and captivating voice. All these things in combination make Rush unlike any other band in existence. In terms of consecutive platinum albums, Rush currently sits in fourth place among rock bands behind the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith. The fact that Harmonix was ...

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A Great Relaunch of the Franchise 1

The original Secret of Monkey Island series is a worthy set of games to make a follow up to. Ever since the original release of the series in 1990, people have fallen in love with Guybrush Threepwood and his nemesis LeChuck. The previous Monkey Island games have gotten so much praise that Telltale Games decided a new follow up series was necessary. Telltale’s attempt to renew the series was an ambitious project that turned out to be pretty much what one would expect.There was a lot of pressure o...

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Pearl Jam At Their Best 1

The release of Pearl Jam's "Ten" on the Rock Band Store is an amazing addition to the ever growing collection. It is a special treat for fans of Pearl Jam or fans of this album specifically. The versions that were released were actually the remastered and rerecorded versions of the songs that were released with the albums reissue. Ten is easily Pearl Jam's most well known album and for good reason. There is a wide range of difficulty between the songs which makes this pack fun no matter how fast...

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Outstanding Dialogue Is The Icing On This Unforgettable Cake 0

After highly anticipating this game since its announcement, I feel really good about having finally experienced the wonder that is Prince of Persia. There are a load of things I liked about the game and a few things I didn’t like so much. Here’s what those things are:             Praisedialogue            First off, I want to talk about the dialogue. The writing in this game is some of the best writing I have experienced in a video game. The conversations between the Prince and his unlikely ac...

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A review by someone unfamiliar with the source material... 0

Intro I recently decided to give this game a try after hearing (at least mostly) good things via internet reviews and such. Before playing this game I had no idea there was a web comic about Strong Bad and his zany crew of misfits. Honestly the first time I saw this game on the Wii shop Channel, I said “Well that looks stupid”. But after giving it a chance, even as someone who has never seen the source material, I really enjoyed this game. It is basically an adventure/puzzle game that can be rea...

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