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The hermit goes to Japan?! A goal is set!

Going to Japan.
Target date: Summer 2011

I'm not a "traveling person", by any means. I'm like a hermit, always inside my cave (room), trying to minimize the time I spend outside, in the real world. Yesterday, after a conversation with my good friend Symphony, I decided I should try to change that, and do something out of the ordinary.. for me, anyway.

I decided to travel to some place. And of all places I could go to, I chose Japan as my destination. Why? Well, it is the birthplace of many things I love, but it isn't just that. I've always found their culture interesting, and it seems like a nice place to go to.

Now, the idea just recently formed in my head, so I'm not really sure of what I actually have to do to get there. But, this blog is my humble attempt at finding that out. As such, it will probably sound naive / silly / who-knows-what-else, but whatever. I can say what I want. :P

Things I have to do / learn / reprogram or that worry me:

  • Re-learn the way I eat - I don't usually go to other people houses. Or if I do, I decline almost everything they offer me to eat. This is because I'm very, particular, let's say, about food. The word my grandma used for me, in Spanish, is "melindroso". Because people feel bad sometimes that I don't accept what they offer, and I feel bad too, I tend to avoid the situation altogether. Traveling to a place where there is altogether different foods presents a similar problem. I could just look for places with familiar things... but I would like to not do that. So, guess I'll have to re-learn / train myself to be less picky, and try more things.
  • Learn to depend on myself - Ahhh, good old me, my worst enemy. How much I love / hate you, buddy. Well, if I'll be alone, I have to depend on myself... but I tend to avoid this. This would be useful in so many ways.
  • Find out how long I will stay - This will depend a lot on the money I'll have by then...
  • What will I do there? - Will it just be a short visit? A long one? Should I try to get work there and stay for months... or even a year? I dunno yet. Guess the money I get might influence this.
  • How much money will I need? - Currently I don't have much money at all, so I'll need to start saving. This may actually require another job, or a job change.
  • The language - Well, I've been told that I could get by with just English (my native language is Spanish, but I can defend myself with my oral English), and I suppose if it isn't a long stay that might work just fine. However, I kind of find it... disrespectful? Inconsiderate? Dunno what the word is, to be in a place and not try to talk their language. I know a little tiny bit, due to my interests, but I guess I have some time to learn more. Maybe some help might be needed here (*winks @Symphony*)...
There are many other things... but those are enough for now.
And with that... I have created my first blog. Something I thought I would never do. Seems like there really is a first time for everything. ^^