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@vod_crack: There's definitely a lack of morose unattractive Brits with dental issues, heeeeyyyoooh. lol

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@jmic75: Oh, that's right. Yeah, him not dying is weird. At first, I was thinking it's because they did that prior to his death, but that's not the case. Yeah, I think it was due to him being a shifter. That's the vibe I got anyways. Plus, wasn't there something you can read late in the game that supports this? Oh, and I know there are people that haven't finished it yet, so I personally have been trying to not go into extreme detail, but this is also a topic that you're free to talk spoilers as I've mentioned, since it's for those that have finished it. People that haven't finished can also contribute, but obviously it's not recommended that they read this stuff. Point is, you don't really have to add spoiler tags do you? I think it's okay. As for Beth's diary, yeah, that was intriguing, and yes I've seen Interstellar. The idea that was effective isn't original, but it was still done well here I think.

Yeah it was a letter that can be found in Paul's office, basically Hatch fell into a naturally occurring time rift at some point and was stuck as a shifter existing at many times and at no time, and the only place he felt at peace was at the end of time. He seems to want to bring about the end of time in order to end the suffering of the shifters (ex. Dr. Kim), however he also mentions that ending this universe will give birth to multiple universes (multi-universe theory?) which may connect to how shifters are in multiple places at once. I'm confused how Paul, in 12 years, never recognized his duplicity, I mean the guy needs chronon particle eye drops, no questions asked there? lol. The women who is interviewing you throughout the game is in cohoots with Hatch (per an email) so the bad guys have won at the end as they know that the end of time has occurred and will occur if you cannot change things, which is why they ask Joyce if he thinks he can change things, if he says yes he is a major threat to them.

I also question Paul's decision to make a lifeboat so the scientists could work on a cure after the end of time, he could have just as easily set up labs 10 years ago and then sent the scientists back to those labs using the time machine to work on a fix, and just repeat that if in every cycle they don't get it, the life boat seems way riskier than that option.

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@ntm said:

"The part that was most effective to me though, is when it made me think about what it would be like for one person to go back in time, only to be there for years, while another comes in to that same time as if it were only a few minutes. You know the part I'm talking about, but that was effective to me."

Yeah particularly Beth's Diary you can find in 2010, don't know if you've seen Interstellar but they play with that idea in it as well.

"Also, you're thinking about the Shifters"

They figured heavily in the narrative pick-ups but you never see one nor are they referenced much in game, which was real weird. Their properties kind of remind me of the enemies from Alan Wake.

"Furthermore, did you watch the cutscene after the credits? It pretty much indicated that, while it may not be true, the character does believe things can be changed (it was even the question he was asked), so I assume in a sequel, we'll see that attempt."

Yeah he's going to he might end up screwing everything up? Dunno. Then there are the questions of how Hatch can get stabbed in the face and be fine a day later (because he's a reformed shifter, you have to kill him multiple times like a shifter?) and what happened to Paul. Unfortunately with some of the overly negative reviews for the game, plus the weak performance of the xbox one and the high development cost does not make me hopeful for the sequel. :(

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Played through it and I really liked it the remedy slow sections mixed with action sections are something I enjoy. Coming off of playing hours of the division, another 3rd person cover shooter that got a 4 instead, I can say that the combat is on par with that, though its much more frenetic and fast if you're using your powers correctly.

Story thoughts: Kind of a really depressing story. All of the characters are doing what they think is right, due to bounded rationality, and only two of them are actually "evil" (Hatch and the female agent he is in cahoots with) who want to destroy the world. The problem I had is with Remedy's assumption that they are going to get to make a sequel so it's left on a cliff hanger (where the bad guys won (or least didn't lose), which seems to be a theme in their games), one that makes Paul's character extremely tragic.

In that the end of time hasn't been prevented just like Paul foresaw, but it was not because of the break in time that occurred in 2016 that the end of time occurs in 2016. Rather a second break (probably initiated by Hatch) occurs closer to 2021, which explains why Paul's projections about how fast the end of time would come following a breech was wrong, and how Joyce was able to stop it, ie change time, because he didn't really change time as the end of time still hasn't been prevented. In a nutshell Paul wasted 17 years of his life and died trying to stop the Joyces because he was under the false belief that the 2016 breach couldn't be reversed because he saw the effects of a later breach and assumed it was due to the first one. In effect Paul was right and wrong.

As to the whole the past cannot be changed thing, that does not seem possible as we see that Paul is able to go back in time and found Monarch. Either Monarch didn't exist the first time the time machine was created and paul created it (time has a forward flow), in so doing he changed the past, or it did exist the first time and Paul decided to found a company that already existed (all of time occurs at once), which doesn't make a lot of sense as "only the future can be changed", again this makes no sense either as "the future" is relative. The sequel that seems have been set up could be very interesting where Joyce might be able to use the time machine to actually affect the past in order to save the future, save people from the first one and create some interesting character dynamics.

Ah also I thought they'd be more involvement of the, um can't remember the name of them, but the people out of phase? Like Kim and Hatch before he reformed himself. They literally have a document telling you how to defeat them but then you don;t actually even fight or see them, only the aftermath of them, weird?

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Well time to download all the game installers for my games off the site.

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Honestly PC gamers should be less concerned with graphical options when it comes to FF XIII, they should simply not buy it because it wasn't a very good game, not because of graphical options, that's just the icing on the turd cake that is FF XIII.

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I have the same problem, but worse than that when i hit a button in game my screen went black and completely unresponsive, couldn't alt tab out, couldn't get to task manager had to hard restart my computer, when I rebooted the game this problem occurred.

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Mathematical dickishness:

Internet trolls > Annoyed gamer > Phil Fish > people that mistake "your" for "you're" > Me for getting angry over grammar > Everyone else


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Well great, they imply if it doesn't get funded Muir will die....if I don't donate I'm a murderer.

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Something I missed was the way the city is suspended in the original trailers, it clearly uses hot air instead of the method that is used in the final game that combined with (as TheMasterDS said) the huge difference in Elizabeth's powers is it possible that the dimensionality that is prominent in the final game was not a huge story point in the original?