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jmrwacko: Best of 2009

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  • Dragon Age: Origins takes place in a beautifully crafted, if not generic fantasy world. But what DA:O lacks in originality, it makes up for in great character interactions, excellent gameplay, and an engaging story from start to finish.

  • Not many people have heard of this Popcap gem, but Plants Vs. Zombies is perhaps one of the most entertaining and complete tower defense games of all time. When you aren't laughing at some of the hilarious absurdist comedy thrown at you in the form of pole-vaulting zombies and balloon-popping "Cattails," you'll be warding off waves upon waves of zombies in the game's challenging and addicting survival mode.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 is what the original Left 4 Dead should have been. Multiplayer has been substantially improved from the first game with a great new Scavenger mode, and the new weapons, special infected, and characters are all AAA quality.

  • You can destroy anything in Red Faction: Guerrilla. And I mean anything. RF:G has some of the best destructibility you'll find in a video game to date, and it's a solid package with both an engaging singleplayer story and an excellent multiplayer component.

  • I'm Batman. You're hanging upside down from a building. Your buddy has a batarang stuck in his face. And the Joker's pretty pissed about it.

  • Aion is a beautiful Korean MMO and a step up from World of Warcraft... if you can handle the excessively long grind to max level. It may be worth returning to with some upcoming patches that improve the game's lighting, gameplay mechanics, and midgame and endgame content.

  • Borderlands is a flawed gem of the role-playing shooter genre, combining a great art style and an excellent sense of humor with superb gameplay and an addicting loot system.

  • A great $15 deal, Battlefield 1943 brought back the magic of Battlefield 1942 with a glossy Bad Company makeover.

  • One of the most visually unique first person action games of all time, Zeno Clash has you battling all sorts of weird baddies with your bare hands.

  • Although buggy and unoptimized, Empire: Total War brought a great strategy franchise into the Napoleanic era. It seems odd then that Sega is releasing Napoleon: Total War instead of expanding Empire, but that's another topic for another time.