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Crazy wind storms...

The wind and rain picked up a bit yesterday here in Canada BC, and there are branches EVERYWHERE, yet the power somehow never went out.  I was cycling along the ocean and this massive tree went over, and it peeled back a huge chunk of earth with it.  The chunk was maybe 15 feet high when standing next to it.  Then as I'm going up this nasty steep hill in the forest, all the branches got caught up in my spokes, so I fell over like an idiot because my shoes were clipped into the pedals.  I stood up, brushed myself off, and quickly got out of there.  Then later I looked down at my GPS, and saw that it wasn't there!  I just burst out laughing because everything was going wrong, so I had to race all the way back into the forest, and then search all around the branches where I fell over, and eventually I found it.  It was an interesting day.