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Energy drinks are messed up, and now so am I!

I needed to fix a broken sleeping pattern, so I stayed awake throughout the night, and all of the day, with some Monster energy drinks.  I've only ever had energy drinks to keep me up a little longer when gaming with a friend, but never like this.  It's pretty messed up.  Also, a couple nights ago I did several hours (4-5 hours) of juggling practice and cycling (couldn't sleep and I've got bike lights so whatever), so my body is kind of dead from that already.  When doing homework my hands were literally shaking, and I felt out of breath, and I felt like maybe my body really shouldn't be awake right now... so I checked my heart rate with a cycling heart rate monitor, and just sitting still, resting, it was a steady 80-81 bpm, when it should be 60!  Ugh... never again, and it didn't fix my sleeping pattern either.