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After two days I sold it. Nothing new and just not fun or interesting. That goes for both online and off. Even if it was a %100 free to play game I still wouldn't touch it or keep it in my collection. I barely write reviews but I feel like I have to warn people how bad it is. Even if you want it for multiplayer, it's poorly made. Keep playing the good ones, don't waste your time or money trying to get any entertainment from this one....

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The Most Competitive FPS Ever 0

id Software has brought Quake 3 into the next generation, as a free-to-play web browser game.  The website is very well done, featuring a friends list, an achievement system, and some extremely detailed stat tracking.  There is also a skill matching system that will keep you playing with similarly skilled opponents.  Now that doesn't mean you will have an easy time, there will always be players better than you, but it will keep you safe from the insanely good players out there, and thank god for...

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