What I think Giant bomb's 2013 Game of the Year list is going to be.

So this is kind of an exercise in stupidity... But I have nothing better to do at the moment. In my opinion, 2013 was a pretty good year for games. There wasn't a clear cut personal favourite of mine this year, unlike Fez and Dark Souls from the previous two years and sure the console launches were maybe a little disappointing, but the first half of this year was just loaded with great games for you to play. Having stuff like Tomb Raider, StarCraft and Metal Gear Rising totally made me forget all about SimCity. Dota 2 is also pretty cool, too :)

Also, shout out to a game that probably wont get many mentions this year - The Swapper. I felt like this game had great puzzles, a great atmosphere, an awesome ambient soundtrack and an intriguing story with a nice ending too. It was my favorite puzzlish game of this year (sorry gunpoint and antechamber). Edit - Since I posted this, Patrick has totally been all about the swapper... I got your back, man. That game is awesome.

List items

  • Just a great all around game. Its story really makes you think hard about the issues it presents. You never quite know where its going, but once it reaches the end, it wraps everything up with a pretty crazy ending that had me thinking a lot about it this year. And Hey, I thought it was a pretty enjoyable shooter too, even if a lot of other people don't think that.

  • Mario is BACK you guys! Sure, this game isn't quite as mind blowing as Super Mario Galaxy was, but the team behind this game sure knows how to make a fun platformer. Now I guess the only question is, where does Mario go from here? (Please make Paper Mario good again... please)

  • You pretty much know what you're getting with this one, I mean it is a GTA game after all. But what keeps the idea fresh in 2013 is the fact that they're still able to create great situations for you to get in to, and all of the three protagonists are memorable in their own way. The huge area of Los Santos is just a lot of fun to explore. And this isn't really a point in its favour, but without Grand Theft Auto Online... would we have ever heard of Windjammers? Think about it.

  • Saints Row is just straight up crazy. Its really good to see that the fall of THQ didn't seem to have a huge impact on this game's overall tone. It hits that sweet spot of being the right amount of ridiculous without going the non-sequitur route. This game definitely has some crazy-awesome moments, and is definitely the funniest game that came out this year.

  • Well, I have no idea where to put this game on the list. The Last of Us is a well told story with really believable characters. Naughty Dog just continues to impress me with how versatile a studio they are. To make a game with a great story after making other games that focus on awesome set piece events tell me that they're one the developers that you can almost always count on to make a great game. It's just a shame The Last of Us came out when it did.

  • Dude... Brothers is AMAZING! I absolutely loved walking around Brothers' fantastical world, meeting ogres, giants, and awful ladies that turn into horrific spider-ladies. And in a year with a ton of games with great endings, the ending to Brothers is one that can stand up to ANY of them. Even though its material is something I can't really relate to, I felt it was one the most emotionally resonant games I've played this year. If you're a person who thinks this game doesn't deserve to be on this list... You're crazy.

  • This was a game I didn't quite get around to playing this year, but seeing as everyone on Giant bomb loves this game, it should definitely be on the list. There were quite a few shorter games that came out this year, although that might be a little bit troubling going forward, as long as they're of this high of a quality, I'll still be happy.

  • This game was one of my personal favourites from this year. Just an absolute joy to play. I feel like this game is sort of the perfect end the roguelike and the like genre, taking elements from other games, but turning them into a unique and amazing game in its own right. Also, defeating two bosses in one life, then getting to the dude who allows you to bet your money and pick one of three chests and then hitting then jackpot... was one of the most satisfying things of this year for me.

  • Personally, I've never been a huge fan of stabbing dudes, but i really fell in love with the ship stuff in AC4. Going around and killing other ships with your ship is a ton of fun. Combine that was the weird but awesome present-day story, upgrading your ship and Edward, a great harpooning minigame, and capturing naval bases (some serious Far Cry 3 vibes on that one) and it makes Assassin's Creed a relevant franchise again!

  • Number 10 is pretty much always a crap shoot, so I kind of just picked whatever. DMC still is really good though. Although the story is a little bit weird, the humour and the character action are really top notch. FUCK YOUUUUUU!