Why I Decided to Become a Giant Bomber

A recent podcast brought up discussions of integrity within game journalism. A lot of interesting points were brought during this conversation and I found myself taking a step back and looking at various places where I find my gaming reviews. I have never asked the question, "Who is this person reviewing this game?" I know nothing about them. Do they have a bias to certain genre, are they over/under critical or are they just doing this for a paycheck? These questions never came to mind whenever reading any of this information.

I have a been listening to the Giant Bombcast for a little while now and I feel like I have gotten the chance to get to know the people who are providing me with my gaming information. I can honestly say that after getting a chance to hear some stories from the lesser seen side of game journalism , I found a happy home where I can put all my faith into the people that are presenting me with all this information.

Thank you Giant Bomb. I can see why so many of you Giant Bombers come here now. I am happy to be a part of your community now.