Dear Microsoft:

Please make a steering wheel for the xbox with a gear stick and clutch pedal. I tried the one you have now and those pedals are weak. That is all, thank you.


Grawl v2.

It seems my xbox is fucked beyond repair now. But what ever. I shall buy a new one, an Elite with a big ass hard drive. The only bad thing is that I was going to buy a new cellphone this month... guess that will have to wait 6. harhar! BTW, Fight Night R4 looks like it's going to be the shit. Heres hoping my future elite model lasts me more than a lousy 1 1/2 years.



The box, after a year and three months, just died on me. Leaving me to watch tv, but wait, every TV series in the planet just ended, so I can't even do that. Had to happen some day right? I got to lvl 49 in gears so im kinda pissed off for not gettin' to 50 in time. Whatevs.

ps: Got the E 74 error, not the red ring. So maybe fixing it wont cost me as much / take a long time. Who knows.


Thank you, SEGA.

OutRun Arcade is something of a odd case in the xbla world, it's of a pretty high quality, it's got enough content to keep people playing for a long time (if your going for achievements, anyway) and above all else, it's not horribly overpriced like previous xbla games (uno rush, flock, family game night shit). This one is only 800 microsoft pinatas.

It's also the only true arcade racer on the service; witch is hard to believe because as I remember the arcades, they were jam packed with a bunch of driving games. Cruisin' USA, Sanfrancisco Rush, Virtua Racing and of course Out Run stand out. I would include the Sega Rally serires, but meh, I never got into that one.

Oh, and if you still have no idea what outRun is about, it's bassically a classic style arcade racer (aka with time limit & checkpoints). You only drive Ferrari cars and you drift like a mad man (reminded me of Riiiiiiidge Raaacer, a plus in my book). You always carry your blonde girl around, she's not only for show, there is an actual mode were you have to do some crazy stunts so hearts pop out her head, just like real life. If you happen to fail because of the time limit, she starts to punch you.... again, just like real life. The game also has online support, but I have yet to try that out.

All in all I think this is best arcade game that these "Days of Arcade" promo has to offer. You should at least check out the trial.

On a side note, Sega is getting a bit of good karma from me. They give us MadWorld & House of the Dead Overkill on a console that lacks some good M rated games, publishing "The Conduit" and "Bayonetta" both look like good hitters. And then they also put out some out-of-left-field stuff like Valkyria Chronicles. So yeah, good stuff for everyone around. But I feel that for every win, there is a 3d sonic game....


Uno Rush needs to relax!

So I have played this new UNO on and off for the last 10 hours. Here is a micro review I made because I am bored out of my mind right now.

UNO, for me at least, has always been about just having a relaxed time. Something to chill me the fuck up after playing a shooter for 5 hours straight. And in that time you get to see crazy ass racist/homophobic/xenophobic people, crazy women who don't feed the kids because of playing UNO, vision camera folks who just HAVE to be either half naked or upside down just for the hell of it... and yes, the people that sound like they smoked half of the world's forest. But this version is so fast paced, that you can't afford to talk, you can't afford to look at other people's cards, hell you can't even put on some funky music because it might make you miss the chance of getting a good move. So, if the original UNO was for the people that just can't help to put something extra in their home-made brownies, this is the UNO for the "I've had 7 cups of coffee and 5 Red Bulls in the last 12 hours, lets get this show on the road ladies!" crowd. This version is also 800 points, 400 more than the first UNO, that's like 2 espressos difference... or whatever those magic MS points equal too.

There you go. Original UNO wins, in my opinion.


Shoe + Angry Cop

= One of the most fucked up videos I have come to see in recent days. Jesus, these police men be trippin' over a little girl shoe toss!



The A to the Q.

In terms of games? Well, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, GTA IV DLC and Bionic Commando.

In general? Getting rid of cables, so I'm searching for a wireless router, keyboard/mouse, sound system and headset for 360. Probably make the house look cleaner.

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