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The pioneer of the video game industry, Nintendo!

Nintendo, the pioneer of the video game industry, has been around since 1889 (over 120 years ago). However, Nintendo began full-scale production of video game stands after 1970. Starting with the production of arcade terminals, the company moved on to home video game consoles in 1983, and then to handheld video game consoles in 1989.

Fifty years later, Nintendo is still around. The company, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has had its share of failures, twists and turns, and great successes. After becoming the main player in the console wars with Sega in the 1990s, Nintendo would go on to compete with Sony and the PlayStation, and Microsoft and the Xbox.

It was after the launch of the GameCube that Nintendo gradually abandoned the console wars and stopped competing in performance. In 2006, the Wii made it possible for countless non-"gamers" to be drawn to the console and its motion sensors, making it a deal-breaker for all.

Also, since the late 90s, Nintendo's home consoles were not unanimously embraced by the Xbox and PlayStation, so this console would give Nintendo a second wind. Fortunately for Big N, a handheld gaming console is still essential.

In 2016, the Nintendo Switch was released, and the hybrid model, which allows users to play games in both stationary and portable formats, has attracted many gamers. The Switch is selling well worldwide and will sell over 50 million units within a few years. The latter is one of the top five best-selling Nintendo game consoles of all time.

With the arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which offers only "handheld" games, many rumors are telling us that the Nintendo Switch "Pro" is coming. The arrival of the Nintendo Switch "Pro" is even more impressive.

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