Best of 2010

JohnnyBarnstorm: Best of 2010

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  • Sure, it's kind of broken. But it has a unique narrative, and some of the most freedom of choice of any RPG in the past decade.

  • Gorgeous, engaging, and revolutionary in its integration of choices from Mass Effect 1.

  • Like a moody cross between Out of this World and the cinematic works of F.W. Murnau.

  • This wild west spin on Grand Theft Auto IV excels far beyond its predecessors in delivering a real world and - aside from Sven - actually likable characters.

  • The good - which includes incredible action sequences, beautiful graphics, and a gripping, immersive narrative, far outweigh the dull story and terrible voice active.

  • Was it worth the wait? Maybe, maybe not. But the tricky narrative, which unfolds with pages knocked out of sequence with the plot, thrills with impressive nuance.

  • Just plain fun - and the best usage of motion controls of the year.

  • A late contender, but easily the best adventure game of the year. Complete fan service.

  • Not a perfect game, but one of the most fun that I've played this year.

  • Walking down a hall might be the main downfall of this game, but the combat ranks among the best in the series.