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JohnnyV: Best of 2009

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  • Amazing title that does so much so right. The sneaking charm of Metal Gear meets the platforming pleasures of Jak and Daxter, mixed with a hybrid of combat not too dissimilar to Gears of War, with a touch of original Tomb-Raider like puzzles, unforgettable characters, an amazingly grounded story with beautiful locales, and impeccable polish makes this "Indiana Jones for the next generation" my pick for GoTY. Getting just one of these mechanics to feel right is no small task, but executing almost flawlessly on so many fronts is almost unheard of.

    Hats off to Naughty Dog for proving, once again, that they truly are "best-of-breed." :-)

  • Really? Are you expecting something witty here?

  • Although not the commerical success many were hoping for, Beatles: Rockband proves that our favorite form of entertainment can make all that is old new again and help the digital generation explore some of the things our parents thought were so cool growing up.

    Propers should also be given to Harmonix who did an amazing job putting together some of the most incredible interactive music videos ever made.

  • Just goes to show you that games based on Comic Books or Movies can be amazing if the developer is given the freedom (and budget!) to craft something truly amazing.

    Hats off to Rocksteady for standing their ground and putting together this amazing title that felt so good all the way around - and also for showing us that, despite its age, the UE3 engine still has plenty of life left in it.

  • Wii-owners rejoice: A game we actually wanted came out this year!

    The guys at Next Level Games deserve a huge "thanks-for-not-ruining-my-childhood-memories" sticker for delivering a quality, polished product that did so much right and added just enough new cannon to the Punch-Out!! world to keep it entertainment. Added DK hidden character was a treat and multiplayer was fun as wel.

  • Little Big Planet on PSP is a great example of how developers can recycle their work and amortize costs. Here, developers Media Molecule took Wii version of their game that they had pitched to NOA and made it a compelling PSP title full of win!

  • "Greatest use of a CG budget in 2009"

  • "Greatest example of how why games with an "M" rating are dead on Wii."

  • "Greatest Hidden Multiplayer Feature in a game."