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Dang, I recognize the Twisted Metal Black EGM, the orange Sonic EGM below it (I distinctly remember reading it), and for some reason saw that Dreamcast magazine with PSO on the cover at newsstands pretty frequently despite never buying the magazine or owning a Dreamcast. Nice find dude!

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Yeah, I just played that one this morning and it was tough as hell. I also hit the part where they kept giving me Akus but they weren't doing a thing - if anything, I was playing worse with them, as I was slacking on some of the non-pitfall obstacles knowing that I'd be safe if I hit them.

I eventually got through that three-fire jump thing at the end by burning a mask in the process. Didn't feel good about it, but fuck that level.

The real ass kicker was "Temple Ruins", though. It's on the island after Ripper Roo. That took me like a goddamn hour, hated that level.

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The 5 Point is near the Space Needle and fucking awesome for a skeezy dive bar vibe. They've got great food and are open 24/7, serving booze from when they can legally start in the morning to last call at 2am.

If you've got the means to get out a ways, either Paseo in Fremont or Un Bien in Ballard have got the best cuban sandwiches in the city. Paseo is the original location but under new owners, and Un Bien is a spin off the original owners made after Paseo was closed for a stint. It's debatable which one is better.

You've got Ezell's and Heaven Sent for delicious fried chicken. Similar to Paseo/Un Bien, Ezell's is the original location and Heaven Sent is a spinoff made by Ezell after he split from Ezell's chicken. Still absolutely delicious.

There's a Dick's burgers in Queen Anne (as well as Capitol Hill and near the U-District in Wallingford, but those are out a ways) that serves awesome fast food burgers. Dick's is Seattle's regional cult burger joint, serving up awesome simple fast food burgers in the style of fast food restaurants from 50 years ago. Skip the fries and get another burger, though, they kind of suck. Cash only.

Also, it's not a food spot, but still worth mentioning - Shorty's in Belltown. It's a pinball dive bar with a few arcade machines as well, super cheap, super awesome. They also serve awesomely shitty Coney Island hot dogs with all kinds of nasty delicious fixings. It's only 10-15 blocks from downtown, and there are a bunch of other cool bars in the immediate area.

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I'd say get a used iPad. I bought a used wifi-only iPad Air (the one the above dude linked) and I use that thing every day. I'm actually typing this reply on it now - I got a cheap bluetooth keyboard on amazon and the thing is the perfect substitute for a laptop.

Shop around for deals to get something within your budget. I picked up mine from gamestop of all places as I had a shitload of their points after buying a used PS4 last winter. They had a coupon avaiable for 20% off hardware, which included their tablets. The coupon made this one a better deal than anyone of the older ones on craigslist. But yeah, don't be afraid to look for one there.

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I'm looking to play with some Giant Bomb duders, just bought the game amidst all the talk of the new expansion fixing a lot of the issues. I've got a level 21 Hunter and I'm finishing up all the story stuff solo, but now that I'm nearing the strikes and raids and all the co-op missions I don't have any friends on my list to play Destiny with. I'm also down to play a bunch of other PS4 games online. My PSN ID is arcan1s, I'll add everyone from this thread and look into Cerberus Wolves.

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So it's at 11 instead of 10, yeah?