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Emergency Mayhem is a Disaster 0

Emergency Mayhem I could not wait for this game it really did just look like fun and a bit like Crazy Taxi but I was wrong. Emergency Mayhem has you playing as a police driver, ambulance and fire fighter which are mixed in with mini games. The game lets you drive around parts of the place called Crisis City after doing each mission it will unlock another part of the city. Emergency Mayhem has a different set of mini games such as trying to get the fire out which has you moving your wii remote u...

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Donkey Kong Country the GBA version is as good as SNES version 0

Donkey Kong Country my favorite game that ever hit on the SNES it first came in 1994 and also came to the Game Boy Colour in 2000. In 2003 it came to Game Boy Advance and developed by the only people that can make a great Donkey Kong Game Rare Ltd. If anyone played the Super Nintendo version will enjoy this as well this game has the same levels but it has also been improved. The add on parts to the game feature mini games such as Candy's dance place as in the SNES version she was a save point ...

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The Superstars of Sega join together for some Tennis 0

Sega Superstars comes back the first was an Eye Toy game from the PS2 now Sega Superstars returns for Tennis with a whole new control system on the Wii. This game was developed by Sumo Digital who developed Virtua Tennis 3 but this is not even close to that. Sega Superstars Tennis brings out all those Sega legends from the past put stages or even characters and even add some of the classic music. The stages you will see in this game are Space Harrier (which it is fantastic theme music), Puyo Po...

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Bully a PS2 classic on Wii with extra stuff 0

Bully finally made it's way to the Wii if you did play the PS2 version of this classic game Canim Canis Edit your getting the same game with extras added to the game with a whole different control system. You would of never thought that Nintendo would license a game like this to be on there system but they did which is just brilliant. Extras included in Bully Scholarship edition is eight new missions, four new school classes which are biology, music, math and geography, additional characters, n...

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Sonic Genesis on GBA what can I say it's pathetic 1

Sonic's 15th birthday this game was to celebrate it and what is disappointment after hearing how bad this game was i decided to play it. Trust me the Mega Drive/Genesis version were brilliant this one is just bad the first level of Green Hill Zone seemed fine but then comes Marble Zone which becomes hard and worse. Then the others get worse and slows down causing you to get killed it's annoying which i had to switch off the game yes it's that bad.  Oh Labyrinth Zone is just terrible when trying ...

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The PAL Version the one without blood 0

This is the UK review the version that features no blood just like the Japanese version. The game was published by Rising Star games and it was a shame that the blood was removed but anyway this game is still great. The game is all about Travis Touchdown a guy who loves Manga and wrestling he is an assassin who must kill 10 other people to become the top guy. You play in a free rome city of Santa Destroy to enter fights you have to gain money which is where side jobs come into play. In this gam...

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