Best of 2010

So my Best of 2009 list was... a little shoddy. It turns out this one is probably worse! I bought a PS3 earlier in the year, and it broke, so I sent it some place local, and it broke again, so I fixed it myself, and it broke again, and after a long time waiting I finally sent it in to Sony, and it's great now! Now, I have plenty of other systems, 360 and Wii included, but this year I not only played a ton of old games, but sold a ton more. Having all these unplayed games was a huge burden, so I didn't play many new games this year, I'll get to them next year. Check out my Games Completed: 2010 to see what I beat this year.

List items

  • Only a few hours in, but I'm loving it so far. JUST completed Mass Effect so I was able to jump right into this.

  • Loved No More Heroes and anything by Suda51 in general. This game was over-the-top, like NMH, and fixed, or took out everything that was wrong with No More Heroes.

  • Wow! I Loved Picross DS, a wonderful time killer, and this is as good, if not better. Oodles of puzzles that kept me busy for a very long time, and the ability to start it up for just a few minutes and still feel like I accomplished something will keep me coming back.

  • Wow, what a game! I had barely played any Street Fighter before this year, but on a whim some friends and I jumped into Street Fighter IV, and had to go out and buy Super Street Fighter IV after a few days. We spent hours figuring out the systems and our characters, it was a blast.

  • Having grown up with Pokemon, it was inevitable that I would buy either HeartGold or SoulSilver (HeartGold in my case) and love it, especially since the original Gold and Silver were probably the ones I had the most fun with at the time. However, playing through another Pokemon game has made me realized I'm done with the formula. HeartGold and SoulSilver are very good games, and the Pokewalker is a fun inclusion, but they'll probably be the last ones I play until something major happens to Pokemon.

  • I'm only a little ways into this so far but it seems solid. There's too much text, and perhaps a little too much handholding, but I am in the early stages thus far.

  • I've been a fan of the Metroid games since Metroid Prime. It's one of my al time favorite games and has led me to visit every other game in the series. I thought Metroid: Other M was a decent game, another developer's take on the Metroid universe. I enjoy the diversity in the series, with many developers and many styles to the games. The acting, cutscenes, and pretty much everything related to "fleshing" out Samus is an odd choice, but i respect the want of Ninja Theory, or perhaps Nintendo, to take Metroid in another direction.

  • Haven't played much of this, just over at a friend's house but it seemed solid, with a very cool premise, and I loved being the medic!

  • Only played this over at a friend's house, but it's somewhat of a known quantity. It seemed like an exceptionally well made game, and it was fun.

  • A fun, short game, made better by the fact that it was free. I haven't played too many games that came out this year so this is here simply to fill out my list,not a bad game though.