Games Completed: 2011

Like my Games Completed: 2010 list, this will be a list of every game I beat this year. I think I'll put more of an effort into playing more current releases, namely all the great games I missed in 2010 and of course 2011 games.

List items

  • Completed January 2. Beating this only required finishing a match, and seeing how there isn't much conclusion, only doing that a ton more, I'm including it. Bought this before it was delisted from Xbox Live Arcade. My first OutRun game and I think it's fun, but very stuck in it's ways%3B it doesn't seem like it has changed much, but it's fun nonetheless.

  • Completed January 6. I wasn't satisfied with the auto-save I would've been taking into Mass Effect 2, so I started up one of my previous saves and completed every assignment and reached level 50, and beat Mass Effect. I was in the last few hours so I didn't start it up all over again.

  • Completed January 23. I've been plowing through this since I beat Mass Effect with a save I was satisfied with. This game was absolutely superb! I couldn't get enough of it, as was the case with Mass Effect. I need to purchase the DLC now and work on reaching the level cap, which I will get playing the DLC as i only have one level left. Took me 38 hours and 19 minutes.

  • Completed February 13. Bought this and played through a bunch of it with a pal, very enjoyable game, we had previously had a lot of fun with the first You Don't Know Jack. Just throwing this in here because the credits roll whenever you complete an episode.

  • Completed March 15. Been trekking through this since beating Mass Effect 2 pretty much. I originally played through this a few months after it came out but didn't complete it. Really enjoyed this game%3B I made sure to leave some side quests unfinished as I'd like to play through it again in the future.

  • Completed April 3. Bought this the week prior at a Target for five dollars. A friend and I played through a mtach of this and I managed to get a little over 500 Gamerscore from that single match. It's not a great game but good for Gamerscore and good for a few matches of dumb fun.

  • Completed April 5. I'd say completing The Legend of Zelda is quite an accomplishment. This game was tough, even with the aid of the graph paper maps I made, regardless I feel proud for completing it. I have had a copy for the NES for a very long time. I purchased it at a garage sale a little over five years ago. I played through about half of it originally but recently decided to finish it. MAde graph paper maps of the overworld and each dungeon and had a blast doing so.

  • Completed April 17. Played through this with a friend. It took us twenty to thirty minutes and we occasionally had some difficulty, but it wasn't that hard. I have the Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack for the Wii.

  • Comlpeted April 26. Finally got around to playing the other two games on the Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack. This one got a little tricky because to get the correct ending, my friend and I had to beat the game without using a continue. We failed the first time but nailed it the second time. There was also one scene in particular that was tricky, towards the end in the town right before facing Mad Dog McCree.

  • Completed April 26. After completing Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold, my friend and I blew through this pretty easily.

  • Completed April 26. We also played Super Stree Fighter IV and once he left I got the urge to play more, so I completed the arcade mode with Ryu, which was oddly enough the first time I've completed the arcade mode with any character.

  • Completed May 11. Played through this with a friend a week ago, but he made a blunder at the very end when Mr. X asked us if we wanted to be his right hand man. We played through it this time and saw the ending.

  • Completed May 11. After completing Streets of Rage, we took a quick break before jumping into Streets of Rage 2. We had an easy time with the game so it took only one playthrough. There was a lot of similarities between the two games, but I think I enjoyed Streets of Rage 2 more.

  • Completed May 11. After beating Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2, we moved on to Golden Axe. That game was tough, we failed in co-op and then had to resort to using cheats to beat the game. I don't like Golden Axe.

  • Completed May 11. After all these games (and some others in between) we decided to play Mansion of Hidden Souls on the Sega CD. It was quite an odd game (comparable to Myst, although I've never played Myst myself) and halfway difficult.

  • Completed May 17. I paid off my debt to Tom Nook in full today, which means the primary objective of the game is done and therefore the game has been completed. I enjoyed this game as much as Animal Crossing and a little more than Animal Crossing: Wild World.

  • Completed May 29. After completing Mansion of Hidden Souls for the Sega CD, my friend and I were interested in the sequel. And he decided to purchase a Sega Saturn a few days afterwards, enabling us. Whether it's better than the original or not, I'm not sure, they're both very similar, and not really that great, but I had a fun time playing through them both.

  • Completed June 12. This was a tough game! I made graph paper maps of the overworld and dungeons just as I did with The Legend of Zelda, and this game required them just as much, or more. It was a difficult game and I enjoyed a lot of the things they implemented, towns for one, but it is a weird game in the series. Very bold, but not my favorite.

  • Completed June 20. Loved this game! Was stoked about it after first hearing about it, but never picked it up. Bought it on clearance at Target and enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

  • Completed July 4. That's right, I completed this game on Independence Day to celebrate America. Think this took me two or three play sessions to complete, not too long. The gameplay was pretty awful but the rest of the content was funny, like the TV series.

  • Completed July 20. I finished this game with mixed emotions. I thought it began and ended really well, but had a terrible time in the middle section; it could be because I was in a depression-like funk... I was very interested in the narrative, but didn't care for any of the human characters. The combat was iffy, but the powers were very fun to use, especially in the end when I had leveled them all up.

  • Completed July 28. After checking out a handful of games, my friend and I decided to plug in the Super Nintendo and played through a game of Family Feud. Pretty fun.

  • Completed July 28. After Family Feud, we played through a game of Wheel of Fortune Deluxe Edition. Again, pretty fun.

  • Completed September 13. Well it's been a long time since my last completed game huh? It should have been Grandia Xtreme, but after putting thirty hours into that and reaching the final boss, I realized I would have to grind for many more hours... so I dropped that temporarily.

    I really enjoyed Doom 3. I remember all the naysayers talking smack about it back in the day (specifically the flashlight) but I really dug the game.

  • Completed September 18, After doing a bit of internet searching for this game and realizing it was pricey, my friend and I dropped the idea of playing it anytime soon. But, we found a copy for cheap locally and played through it the same day. There are four endings and we saw the worst one (complete the game on easy) but that's still completing it! We will return to it and see the other endings at a later date.

  • Completed September 26. This was my focus after completing Doom 3. It didn't take me too long to complete it but I enjoyed it.

  • Completed October 5. Wow, I'm finished with the Gears of War trilogy. I have to thank my friend for laying through the entire trilogy co-op with me. I'm happy with the way the game wrapped up and was surprised by at least one moment in the game. It was totally solid, definitely the best in the series and I'm stunned by how much stuff there is to do and unlock in the game.

  • Completed October 21. This game exceeded my expectations. I really loved Arkham Asylum, to the point of completing everything 100%. I think I'm going to have to do the same with this one...

  • Completed November 2. And with this game, I have completed as many games in 2011 as I did in 2010. My girlfriend and I have been playing this game for a long time and I'm glad to be done with it. I liked the blend of cooperative and competitive gameplay.

  • Completed November 7. I didn't actually complete the game's campaign but my friend purchased it and we played through the co-op adventure. Five chapters at about half an hour each. It seemed like the mode was tacked on.

  • Completed November 30. Man, what a crazy game. Another game like the two Mansion games. Read my full thoughts here:

  • Completed December 9. Short WarioWare clone for the PSP.

  • Completed December 19. Fantastic Zelda game! I liked the setting and the story shed some light on the Zelda mythos. The gameplay was the darling however since it utilized the WiiMotion Plus. It really enhanced the dungeons and the enemies, although it did get frustrating when it required super specific motions and Link's movements didn't exactly mirror mine. Still super good.

  • Completed December 19. Well I completed Skyward Sword in the morning and then hung out with a friend and we played through this in the evening. It only took an hour and forty-five minutes but it hung on a few cutscenes and we had to use disc cleaner and use the skip cutscene feature. Plus it had a a difficult time working on my PS3. We also played through the first episode of Blue Toad Murder Files.

  • Completed December 23. I purchased this a year or two ago and just now finally got around to getting it off of my pile of shame. Wanted to play through something before I picked up Skyrim and I knew this was very short. I thought it was boring. The graphics were nice, there were some cool animations, and I liked that the story was told so well through cutscenes with no dialogue, only body language, but I thought the gameplay was boring.