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Games I've Spent More Than 100 Hours Playing.

This is just a list of games I've spent more than 100 hours playing. A lot of Pokemon; I grew up playing them so I was hooked at an early age.

List items

  • Doesn't have a timer but I'm sure of it. I could start this game up anytime and I'd be sucked in for at least a month before growing tired of it.

  • Originally played this a few months after it came out and fell out of it about 40 hours in. Early 2011 I decided to finally return to it, and I beat it! My final tally was a little over 75 hours. I left some side quests to hopefully prompt me to return to it once more, I really enjoyed the game.

  • Man, handheld RPGs are so easy to sink time into, have beaten this a few times and even have a weapons FAQ I wrote for it somewhere.

  • Have beaten the story by myself and then the majority of it again in co-op but the bulk of this time comes from playing online.

  • Got this for my B-day the year it came out and have over 300 hours and multiple 20 hour characters in it, oh and I've never played it online.

  • Have both and played them ever since I was a kid. Have beat them at least three times and had all 151 in each version. Also played a ton of it on the big screen via Pokemon Stadium, I loved the ability to speed up the game.

  • As with Pokemon Red/Blue, easily have over 100 and in these I'm positive over 200 hours. Never have had silver but have beaten Gold twice. Loved a lot of stuff in this one, especially the day/night and weekday system.

  • Like every other main Pokemon title, played it to death.

  • Surpassed the 100 hour mark in 2012 when I began a new game.

  • Got this day one with friend, I got Diamond, he got Pearl and we've played this a ton, he's definitely sunk more time into it though, he still plays it regularly and I do every time I start it up.

  • Nearly completed this, have everything except seven trophies I do believe. Another great multiplayer game I've sunk time into. Not there in Brawl yet, might not make 100 hours.

  • Had to play 100 hours to get an achievement so when I beat it at 70 I played about 5 more and left the 360 on for the rest of it. I don't count that but I'm definitely going to beat it again soon to get the rest of the achievements and complete everything.

  • Have the GC version and introduced this to my sister, friend and his brother. Needless to say we played this tons until the next one came out.

  • Have the GC version and like Timesplitters 2, played this with my friends all the time. Can even crack it out now and get right back into it.