Top 10 PS3 Exclusives (As Of Summer 2011)

Looking at the list below, it quickly becomes clear that the Playstation 3 has a very strong catalogue of exclusives.

A couple years back a big fuss made about the XBox 360 ensnaring the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear games, bringing them onto their console and ending the long run of exclusivity Sony had held over these titles on the home gaming market. Fortunately, the PS3 hasn’t suffered from these losses. Granted Final Fantasy was largely a disappointment to its loyal fan base, and theres been no sign of Metal Gear Rising for some time, but instead of wallowing in a vat of its own self pity, Sony have marched on. Garnering themselves what is arguably one of the strongest exclusive lineups around.

10. Little Big Planet 2

A class act. Taking all of the mechanics that were great about the first game and ratcheting it up a few notches. The LBP games have always been about the user generated content (UGC), and the tools available to the player in this game are utterly astounding. Creating cutscenes to go with a level, allows for a depth rarely seen before in UGC tools. Instead of making the same styled level over and over again, there have been racing games, top down shooters, and even football games created with the tools on offer. Put all this together with the same cute characters that we all know and love with the same innovation shown by the creators, and this game definitely earns a mention.

9. Killzone 2

Probably one of the first games that even began to show us what the PS3 was really capable of. Seeing this game when it first came out was breathtaking. Even by todays standards, it’s still one of the best looking games around. Although compared to other games of a similar ilk, the single player was nothing special, what was really fun about Killzone 2 was the multiplayer. Interesting match types, solid mechanics and tight controls made this one of the most fun and unique multiplayer shooters on consoles.

8. Mod Nation Racers

Continuing Sonys push to provide fun and engaging tools that will result in great user generated content. Mod Nation Racers was, and is the definitive karting game on the Playstation 3, and arguably on the current generation of consoles (Although many will disagree).

For karting game fans this game has it all, incredibly in depth kart and character creation centers, as well as a fun and intuitive track designing feature.

When this is added to the fact that the single player is extensive, multiplayer is fantastic, and the controls are easy to use and very responsive, theres just no way that this game can be left off the list.

7. Unchartered: Drakes Fortune

When Naughty Dog finished Drakes Fortune, it’s difficult to imagine they could have envisioned that they had just created one of the best new IP’s of recent times.

This game is literally brimming with quality. Beautiful visuals, encapsulating story, and interesting characters.

Having drawn a lot of Tomb Raider references upon release, the quality of the series has stood the test of time with the Tomb Raider titles now having to live up the the quality of its padawan. The Apprentice really has become the master.

6. 3D Dot Game Heroes

A Running theme of Playstation exclusives this generation is one of freshness, and that is rarely clearer than in 3D Dot Game Heroes. The artistic direction in the title is amongst the most beautiful there has ever been.

A clear throwback to the blocky history of the video game industry, there is nothing else like this game on shelves today. A story that’s incredibly reminiscent of Link To The Past, this game is the perfect title for gamers interested in playing titles of old, but are put off by the outdated visuals.

5. God Of War 3

For many, this is the most perfectly realised hack and slashed title out there. Bringing the main quest of Kratos to a close, players are catapulted around environments that are built on an unbelievable scale. There are few developers out there that are able to make the player feel such a sense of scale. Climbing up the side of enemies the size of buildings before tearing someone apart with your bare hands is an absolute blast. Not the most likable character in video games, but definitely one of the most fun. Thanks in no small part to the design and control scheme that hack and slash games will look to for inspiration for years to come.

4. Infamous 2

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Sucker Punch, learned a lot from the first time around. Keeping the things that made Infamous stand out, then adding a host of new features and elements that has and will win the hearts of many gamers.

Shaking things up, the environments can often be as dangerous as the enemies. Adding to this a set of characters that are interesting and often completely unpredictable, Infamous 2 is really one of the greats. If you like open world games, chances are you will love Infamous 2.

3. Heavy Rain

Although the mechanics and ideas behind this game weren’t completely new. Throughout a period of time in which it often felt as if the only game ever invented was the first person shooter, Heavy Rain was a welcome break from the norm. The odd plot hole didn’t detract from the fact that the story was for the most part utterly engaging. Filled with tension and suspense, this game had players on the edge of their seats, and very often caught up in the emotion of the characters. Suffering slightly from a slow start, that is perhaps a necessary evil to get the player used to the controls and acquainted with the characters. Make no mistake this game is one of the best, and should be played by anyone looking for something just a little bit different.

2. Little Big Planet

Just missing out on the top spot, Little Big Planet (LBP), is one of this generations stand out titles. Crossing the gap between casual and hardcore gamers, the cutesy look, and pick up and play nature of the game did enough to appeal to the masses, with the control scheme, varied environments, and near perfect music score grabbing the hardcore.

Kicking off the user generated content push that Sony has followed ever since, this game was a pioneer and will stand the test of time as one of this generations titles to remember.

1. Unchartered 2: Among Thieves

No surprises for guessing who is sitting in the top spot. Unchartered 2 is one of the best games of the generation. Any poor XBox owner that hasn’t experienced this title is sadly missing out. Easily one of the best titles of the last five years, Among Thieves became a classic the moment it hit the shelves. This game is best of its type, and every game looking to follow a similar path will be looking to this game for years to come. It is perhaps a testament to the quality of the game that the only title looking likely to knock it from its perch is Unchartered 3.

With that in mind, is there really any more to be said?

If you’ve played this game then you’ll know how much fun among thieves is is. If you haven’t, then go get yourself a copy right now. You will not regret it.