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Whiskey Powered Picture Observations.

If any of you have ever taken the time to click on the Whiskey Powered thing on the bottom of Giantbomb, there is a picture of the team there. I have made some observations taken from the Making of Giantbomb video.

Part Giantbomb?
Part Giantbomb?
I have made the observation that the guy all the way on the left is Dave Snider(Snide) from our beloved site, 3rd guy may be Andy, although I can barely tell, very tall engineer Shawn Coonce(coonce) is the 2nd guy from the right, and all the way at the right, is that Ryan MacDonald?! Nope. After many comments it has come to my attention that it is Andy. Oops.

No idea for a new blog post, and I thought this was pretty neat :)