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Battlefield: Bad Company Review 2

Title: Battlefield: Bad CompanyConsoles: Xbox 360, PS3Genre: FPSStory: This story revolves around a new guy in the army named Preston Marlow that you control. This new guy did something bad while in the army, and instead of getting thrown in jail, is thrust into Bad Company, a group of misfits and rule breakers that do the army's dirty work. The characters have a lot personality, and are funny at some times. Although when you are in a firefight getting shot, I don't think a actual soldier would ...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review 0

Hmm, Condemned 2. Where do I begin? Why not some good. The first game was one of the best launch titles for the 360, and probably the only one worth buying. It had its share of scares, combat, and grossness. How does the new one stand up to it? Well, you don't have to worry about them being the exact same game. This one is way different from the first one, actually adding a lot of new content. First off, definitely the combat. The attacks feel good and fluid, and generally the hit detection is s...

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