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My favorite games of all-time (in semi-chronological order).

This is a list of the games that I remember the most. Some of them are all-time classics that I still go back and play occasionally. Some aren't great games, but I played the shit out of them and loved them dearly. Enjoy!

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  • My friend Robert Robertson (his real name) played this every single day one summer. We never did beat it. But I can still remember studying the included map and trying to find all the secrets and not realizing that since we named our character "Zelda" the order of the dungeons was mixed up. This game still holds up today, in my opinion.

  • One of the greatest puzzle games of all time. I remember going home at lunch everyday to try and finish this game. I still have the password to the final level written on the cartridge.

  • I bought this game at a garage sale because I was a kid and couldn't afford new games, so picking a new one up for a few dollars was exciting. I later bought a "tips and tricks" book at a different garage sale because it included info on this game. I remember feeling so proud when I discovered a secret that let me skip to the last level. Very hard game, as I remember.

  • Some of the best music in a video game ever. I remember pausing this game and just leaving it so I could listen to the epic pause music. Also one of the hardest games of all time. But my friends and I didn't know that, so we spent hours trying to beat that damn bike level. HOURS!!

  • I don't think I've ever played this game and gotten past about World 3 legitimately. I'd always use the flutes and skip to the final level. Where I would promptly die.

  • I remember asking for and receiving this game for Christmas one year and beating it later that day. I was proud instead of disappointed. I used to beat this game on a regular basis. My friends and I would see if we could do it without getting hit. Great game.

  • Someone gave me this game for my birthday one year. I never really understood it, but I played it for hours. I think I was playing it right. I don't really know...

  • The gameboy version. A little like Kirby in that it was pretty easy, but I played it a lot. I didn't even know it was based on a movie. A friend of mine gave it to me for free.

  • I remember making friends with someone just because he was good at this game and knew the way through the swamp area. Ian Wheeler. He was a loner and got picked on by other people, but for a month or two, he was the most popular guy in my class. All because of this game. My friend Wayne earned his place in classroom fame because he could beat the last boss with just half a heart. I saw him do it once.

  • The first game I ever bought new with my own money. Another game that turned outcasts into popular kids because they figured out tricks of the game. The first game I ever "grinded" on, trying to get the get the max money at the end of the game.

  • I remember seeing TV ads for this game and begging my parents for it for Christmas. My friend Ben and I played it for hours. I remember thinking the Super Bomb animation was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I was so proud when I beat it. I still go back and play through it every couple of years. Probably my most favorite game of all time.

  • I didn't actually own this game until years later, but I borrowed it from my friend whenever he'd let me. I still think the opening to this game is the best opening to a game ever. If Super Metroid isn't my favorite game, this definitely is.

  • The only time a JRPG completely hooked me. The story, the battle system, the time travel, the music. Oh god, the music. The first time a games music effected me emotionally. Didn't make me cry or anything, but completely set the tone for scenes. My friend Ryan and I have gone back to this game many times over the years, spending entire weekends grinding away in that jungle level.

  • Still probably my favorite racing game of all time. The music, the announcer, every thing. Amazing game.

  • The first time I ever felt like I was any good at a fighting game. I remember destroying my friends with Chief Thunder. The best fighting game announcer of all time. I still put this in just to run through some of the old combos and watch them happen. Still so satisfying. "Kiiiiing Combo!!" The only game I've ever wanted the buy the soundtrack for. Also, a black cartridge? Is doesn't get any cooler than that.

  • I rented this game once because it looked like Rock n Roll Racing. I rented it several more times. It was basically a cheap rip off of RnRR, but it was still pretty good. I remember it having some interesting tracks and racing in a bike was still pretty cool. And I still think the mouse with the eye patch was bad-ass.

  • Such a cool game. Hard, but cool. I remember playing it at my friend Scott's house and years later, it was one of the first games I ever downloaded for an emulator. I spent hours in college playing this between classes.

  • I loved this game. It was immensely hard, but still a lot of fun. Another game I was sure to download years after the fact for an emulator.

  • This game was awesome. It was cool, it was violent, it had a cool story. I remember breaking my PC trying to mess around the virtual memory or something, trying to get it run. God, I loved this game.

  • I spent hours with the demo for this game. Such a good game. One of my favorite PC games of all time.

  • This game was on a computer at the Science Center in Toronto. On a school trip, I spent the entire day playing it. I remember the snowboarding mini game was so fun. "Rad!"

  • So awesome. Violent is an over the top way that was so much fun. No Regrets was good too. This game made me buy Project: Overkill for the PS1, that's how good it was.

  • My friend Scott and I spent so many hilarious hours playing this multiplayer. So damn laggy, but it was worth it. I'd be on the phone with him and hearing yell "Oh god, no" when out of nowhere, I slammed into the side of his car with a firetruck, pinning him to a wall, then getting out and blowing up both cars with a rocket launcher then running away to find another firetruck. Makes me wish they brought this to XBLA. Amazing game.

  • Another game that was so violent it was funny. A great racing game. A lot of fun. The cop car with the electric attack was kind of broken though. Too easy to kill people with.

  • One of my most fondly remembered adventure games. The game that really turned me on to the genre, really. Makes me want to dual install my Mac to get it off

  • I remember my dad took this game away from me because of the sex scene early on. but I stole it back and played it when he wasn't home. Another game I want to go back and play. Great game.

  • I had a Mac growing up, so I didn't get to play a lot of PC games. My friend bought this for Mac for me for my birthday one year. Thank you Wayne Sang, wherever you are.

  • I love that this game is even in the Giantbomb database. I played this game a lot.

  • I remember getting my mom to bring home an Almanac from her school where she was a teacher so I could play this game. The way to do educational games right.

  • The Apple II version. If you didn't play this game a TON growing up, you missed out. I beat this game so many damn times. And died of dysentery even more.

  • The Arcade version - I spent so much time on this game. But I refused to spend more than 50 cents on it. I wanted incentive to get better.

  • I spent hours with this game at my friend Scott's house. One of the reasons I bought a Playstation. So much fun with this game.

  • The first game I ever played almost non-stop until I beat it. It took me 3 days, playing every moment I wasn't eating or in school. Having to change controller ports was to this day one of the coolest things ever in a video game.

  • I played the hell out of this game. One of the first games I bought when I got a Playstation because my friends and I would gather together and try and beat each others scores and tricks.

  • I still think this is one of the coolest and most innovative fighting games ever. The fact that you could break people's arms and end a fighting in one hit if you timed it just right was so cool. You always felt so vulnerable. I'd love to see a new one of these for the PS3.

  • One of the coolest survival horror games I've ever played. Unfortunately, it locked up on me about half way through the game, and I could never get past that one part. I really enjoyed the mechanic of switching between characters though. It didn't really do anything new, but they were things I hadn't seen before so they were new to me.

  • I loved the Twisted Metal games. I probably played more of 2 than 1 however. So much fun. I really wish they'd make a new one for the PS3.

  • I played every "adventure" game I could find for the PS1, but this was probably my favorite. The sequel was good too. So was "In Cold Blood".

  • The reason I bought a PS2. I played the demo of this at a friends house and HAD to play the rest. The first time I ever played a game without stopping until it was beat. My favorite game for the PS2 and one of my favorites of all time. The sense of discovery and scope was simply amazing. I still go back to this game, even though the graphics aren't great anymore.

  • I played this because it was by the people who made Ico. The first time I ever cared about a game development team. Wasn't quite as good as Ico, but probably the next best game for the PS2.

  • The scariest game of all time. Period. My girlfriend at the time and I played this game a lot. I played and she "navigated". Never thought a game could scare me so much. So much great atmosphere and spooky weirdness.

  • Like Twisted Metal 2, I played a lot of this game. One of the only games I could get my non-gamer friends to play with me and anjoy. MAN, I wish they'd make a new one of these.

  • A friend of mine recently gave this game to me. It's really hard and even harder to figure out what you're supposed to do. But if you like a challenge and liked the random madness of something like Warioware, you might like it.

  • The only games I own for the original Xbox are this and the sequal. Such great games. I wish I had more time so I could play through them both again.

  • The first Castlevania game I had played since Super Castlevania and I was addicted. This game made me go back and play all the Metroid/vania games in the series (with mixed results).

  • My favorite game in the XBLA marketplace. This game single-handedly justifies that being a thing.

  • I bought this game because of the hype, and it's my favorite 360 game so far. Great story, great atmosphere. Just awesome.

  • I still play this game on a regular basis. But on "Use Map Settings" maps. Mainly "Storm The Fort." My friends and I trash fools in this game.

  • I've always found the Pac-Man games challenging, but I recently found a local eatery with an arcade cabinet of this. Now I'm addicted and destined to set a respectable high score. I also want to restore an old one of these cabinets, like a normal person might restore an old car.