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Saw this guy called Spaceballs running around the other day, made me regret I didn't pick that and also made me want to watch that movie again.

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ok first of more dubstep is needed at your party so here we go:

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There that is some cute and non terrifying dubstep now some more dance music:

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I will now also stop posting the actual videos cause this editor is crapping out and becomes a pain.

you could of course also still at the party rock anthem but I do not have the guts to actually post that in here.

I can barely still stand this song after having heard it so much but it remains good:

We shall no proceed with a few old titles:

Whats a party without barbra?

Some people also like to hear the black eyed peace while dancing but giantbomb might not be the place to post that either.

Have fun!

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Where is ssx? I want that, I wanted to vote for that.... and now I can't.

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Ow common, what is your problem? are you terribly insecure about yourself that you cant make your own decisions? If you already dislike it from the very start who in his sane mind would still put 40 hours into it? I would get an hour or 8 but 40? And next up you start calling the game designers dumb just because in your opinion the game is bad but you do not have it in you to say "ok this game sucks I'm just gonna go ahead and take cute pictures of my cat".

To me that just makes you look like a monkey.

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Had something movie worthy today, whenever I would pull out my saber while walking it would start floating in these weird positions. The song would be a dubstep remix of O-zone.

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@N7 said:

I think the real question is, why doesn't the Playstation 3 symbolize the Playstation Vita's transformation into the Playstation 4? For instance. The commercial starts up. It shows a popular PS3 game like Uncharted or Resistance or something. As the commercial continues, you see this weird thing slowly sliding out of the disc tray. It goes off screen in an instant and warps directly in front of the screen, now in the middle. It's the Xbox 360 logo! What! And that's when the green X from the gray orb slowly drains out. That is when the X materializes onto the screen, transforming itself into a V. Confusion sets in. What is happening. Is Mark Whalberg behind this. Who can tell. And that's when "Playstation" shows up on the screen next to the green V. But wait. Playstation V? Where was the PS4? And that's where the mindfuck sets in. The Xbox 360 was secretly the PS4 this whole time. And the Vita is the Playstation 5. Playstation V. V-ta. Vita.

Makes sense, would this also mean the iphone has been microsofts go at handheld gaming for all these years?

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The reason it seems nobody likes it is because people are more prone to posting about their experiences when they are negative then when they are possitive.

For me this is also my first mmo and much for the same reasons you gave, but so far I am loving the game the story is good to ok and the rewards for leveling (getting more powerfull, new loot, etc.) are satisfying.

I would advice you to stick to one character though cause I now have 3 from around 25 and the amount of repetition gets high even though they are different classes.
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How about you get yourself the cheapest prepaid phone you can find that will do all your calling and texting and then use the vita for everything else, seems like a problem solved.

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Nice write up, I just hope they release a good jrpg fast cause handhelds have always seem perfect for rpg's to me. Other than that would you say that you can live with just 4GB of memory when not downloading any games?

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Seriously guys, why all the fuz the guy has admited to have used an exploit and yes there are bugs in the game and it would be unfair to get banned if you acidentally stumbled across them. but it will probably state in the agreements thing (which we have all agreed to) that exploiting bugs will result in bans which seems totally fair and even desirable if you ask me. Unless you would rather have EA not ban anyone who did this resulting in a broken ass game.